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Banana Flower uses in Tamil
Health benefits of banana flower Most of the people doesn’t add banana flower in food as it takes more time to clean and cook it. Take banana flower atleast twice in a month but you will get many health benefits. All the parts of the banana tree fruit, flower, stem has medicinal properties. Banana flower taste sour but some people remove the sourness by washing it in water. Only the presence of sourness give the necessary nutrients to our body. As it Is rich in Vitamin B it helps to cure many diseases. We love to eat banana stem in the form of side dish, sambhar but many of us unaware of its medicinal value. It flushes out the stones in kidney and cures constipation. In this video we are going to see the numerous benefits of banana flower. More than 60% of people who live in South India, Srilanka, Malaysia, Singapore are affected by diabetes. The main reason for diabetes is our food habits. We don’t get necessary nutrients in the food we eat and we are taking food with chemicals. Diabetic patients can take this banana flower as side dish by adding shallots, garlic, pepper etc. It controls diabetes by strengthening pancreas and regulates the insulin secretion. Cooked banana flower is the best food for diabetic patients because the chemical present in it good for them. To cure indigestion boil banana flower in water mixed with pepper and cumin seeds powder, then strain and drink the juice. To reduce body heat take banana flower cooked with with green gram and ghee. Banana flower is a boon to ladies. Crush the white part of banana flower and extract the juice and add pepper powder. Boil it and add palm sugar and drink. It controls bleeding and white discharge in women. By drinking this we can prevent tiredness and stomach pain etc. Banana flower rasam helps to cure dry cough. If we take banana flower regularly it removes the unwanted cholesterol and also prevents blood pressure and anaemia. Some people will lead a stressful life without a child. Banana flower is useful for such people. Adding banana flower frequently in food helps to cure Infertility. We have listed the benefits of banana flower and you will be interested to add it in your food. But many of us doesn’t know how to buy. Banana flower should be fresh. The outermost part should be smooth and the petals should be removed easily. It is better to consume banana flower within two days after it is taken from the tree.

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