Bach Flower Remedies Online Course – Part One

Bach Flower Remedies Workshop Module 1 with
Rose Todd Hello I’m Rose Todd welcome to
the Bach flowers workshop. If you have used Bach Flower Essences before then you remember
exactly when you started to use them because they have such a powerful effect. I remember, exactly, my first experience with
Bach Flowers. It was a long time ago, when my darling daughter was seven. She was ill,
and I mean she was ill. I won’t go into the nausea about how we went from one medical
doctor to another. She was seven and she weighed thirty five pounds because she coughed until
she vomited and by chance, I said to my mother, “there has to be another way; four drugs
every four hours is not making her better”. And so I took her to homeopath. I had no idea
what a homeopath was. He gave her a Bach flower remedy – and I had no idea what that was either. I did as I was told and gave her all the appropriate
pills and gave her the Bach Flower Essence. The difference the Bach Flower remedy made
to my child in three days, astounded me! It knocked my socks off. And I was hooked: well
and truly hooked. This is Edward Bach The first thing you’ll notice is his name’s
Batch and not pronounced ‘bark’ like the German composer. Bach was born in Moseley
which is south of Birmingham and his father was owned brass foundry. He was a sickly child and he always wanted
to be a doctor. Although he wanted to be a doctor, his main drive was to find the cause
of disease. So this is… as somebody once said to me ‘this is no small beer’. “I’m
starting out to find the cause of disease”. This is a huge undertaking! When he left university, he went to London
and he worked in one of the major hospitals in A & E, literally with his hands in the
blood and guts of humanity. He then moved on and he became a bacteriologist, because
at that time, he believed that disease started in the stomach. He was not far wrong – because
often disease starts in the stomach. Then he found the work of Samuel Hanuman (who
was the founder of homoeopathy) and became extremely interested in Samuel Hahnemann’s
work. But there were some things that Bach didn’t like about homoeopathy, one of which
is, it’s not an easy simple method of healing. It’s extremely powerful but it’s not the simple
method of healing that he wanted. He had stomach cancer and they gave him three
months to live. But remember he was determined to find the cause of disease. So he started
to study and to search in all sorts of places, looking for the cause of disease. He had been observing his patients closely
for a while, and found that no matter what went on in their lives, no matter how much
stress they were under or how they expressed their illness, they always reacted the same
way. So he gave up his Harley Street practice and
moved away from London. He first when to Wales and he started walk in the surrounding country
side, looking in nature for a simple method of healing. During the following 3 years he
was searching, discovering, and founding his method of healing. As well as Wales, he also
spent a considerable time in Comer in Norfolk, before settling at Mount Vernon in Oxfordshire. And that’s where the Bach Center still is
today. They have a lovely patch of garden and some of the trees and about 19 of the
flowers that Bach used. I’d like to mention Bach’s philosophy
in life. He was a very religious man and he belonged to something that he referred to
as The Brotherhood. I think if he were alive today, we would call him a ‘spiritual man’
rather than religious. I did a little research, just for fun to see
what I could find out, and I think possibly, he was referring to the White Brotherhood,
which still operates in Hampshire. ‘Bach believed that man has a soul – which
could be referred to as ‘the real self’- and the soul (or the real self) is expressed
through the personality – the good bits of personality, that is. And this happens spontaneously,
when you do someone a kindness. But it’s spontaneous. This is the real You that’s coming through. Our personalities, from experience, develop
negative beliefs that disconnect us from our real self. And without the free flow of vibrational
energy from our ‘source’ (our soul) we get ill. And so it is, that disease begins
in the emotions. Emotions of the language of the soul. So in a nutshell, those of the philosophies
of Edward Bach, and as that is how I think too, it’s very natural that I’m drawn to his
type of healing and his philosophy. There are three major companies that manufacture
these remedies, (You’ve got a hand-out as part of the Module 1 Guide that tells you
about the three companies.) There’s Nelson Bach. Nelson’s used to
make homoeopathic remedies and they were family friends of Edward Bach. When it was necessary
for the Bach Centre to have help with the bottling of the remedies, it was natural that
the Bach Centre went to Nelsons. Then at some time, the company change their name and became
Nelsons Bach. Then there’s Ainsworth. They are in London
and they make their remedies too. And then there is Healing Herbs. The Healing
Herbs of a Edward Bach may owned by a man called Julian Bernard. Julian Bernard lives and breathes Edward Bach’s
philosophy. I worked at the factory for a week when I first came to England. It was
brilliant. I loved it there. It’s very close to Wales – this far from Wales – in Herefordshire. All three of these companies make Bach Flower
Remedies. Any substance that uses the process that Edward Bach used to make his essences,
is now classed as a ‘Bach essence’ because of the process. I use the Healing Herb remedies because I
like them the best. I like the intention. But I need to put in this disclaimer. Even though we’re working from the small
book A Guide to the Bach Flower Remedies by Julian Barnard, (the owner of Healing Herbs)
and the majority of the photographs I’ve used have been taken by Julian Barnard, Healing
Herb’s does not sponsor or support my teachings in any way whatsoever. However, the company
is happy for me to use the book and his photographs. The flower is the highest stage of evolution
of a plant. Once the plant is in flower – it can’t get any higher. It’s gone through the
whole process. This is self-realization of the plant is the flower. The flowers picked
and put in a bowl of natural spring water. The
bowl is then put on the ground, near the plant, in the sunshine for three to four hours, while
the heat from the sun potencies/transfers the energy of the flower into the water. Water has memory. So what’s happening during
the process? You know that fire and heat do a lot of things. Fire destroys. But it also
forges something new. So the heat from the sun transfers the energy from the flower into
the water and now the water carries that vibration. And that’s how they are made. They are vibrational essences and they, of
themselves, have no effect whatsoever on the physical body. They only effect the emotional
body – but this is the place where disease begins! So heal the emotions and the body
follows suit! S.o, the remedies do have a ‘secondary’ physical effect I’m afraid this is going to sound like an
evangelists! This is my beloved Bach book. This is the first book I got in the late 80s.
I was living in Zimbabwe at the time and was visiting my mother who had only recently come
to live in England. I didn’t really know anything about these amazing remedies that so changed
my daughter. But I was thirsty for more. They were not available in Zimbabwe because
of the political situation as they didn’t come into the country. I had no idea about
them and I wanted a book. So I walked into a well-known bookshop on the high street and
I said, “I want a book on Bach Flower Remedies” and they said “don’t know if we have one.
But if we do, it’ll be over there”. So I went ‘over there’, and there was only
one book – a book by Mechthilde Scheffer. I’ve learned such lot about Bach; the philosophy
and theory behind this miraculous method of healing. And I learnt about the remedies and
of course I learned from my own experiences as well. And I’ve learnt a huge amount about
myself. From working with the Bach essences, I have learnt who I am and why I’m here! So how do they work?
I’ve taken this from Mechthilde Schefffer book and it’s an example from Larch – the
essence for self-confidence. She put the soul above the line and the personality
below the line. And the soul says, “I want to do this: I want to experience
this” and the personality says, “I can’t do that. I haven’t got the courage.
I can’t do it and even if I did do it, somebody can do better than me. And I even if I could
do it, nothing would come of it”. So, what happens is, because Larch has the
same vibrational frequency of energy as a part of the human soul, it breaks through
the barrier: through the belief that’s been put there by the personality. And so, the
essence re-establishes harmony between the soul and the personality. Again, this from a Mechthild Scheffer’s book. The picture on the left is what we’re born
looking like. All nice and shiny and glowing. Then as we grow in life- just like a tree
on the cliff that’s being formed by the wind and the rocks, without much nutrition, and
being blown by the prevailing wind one way – we are formed by the beliefs we are taught
by our parents and by society. This happens to us in life too. We become
stunted by the beliefs we were given as children, and are limited by our attitude to life that
developed as a result of our beliefs. And, we are also limited by society. But with learning who you are; with the help
of some vibrational healing; (for example Bach Flowers essences) you’re able to develop
your full potential, and you then grow up following the path of the soul. A long, long time ago, when I was a lot younger,
I always knew I could make life happen. I just didn’t know how I did it. So I had no
format to follow. The in 1987, three or four of the spiritual teachers I was following,
and spiritual books I was reading, all started to say the same thing. From several different
sources came “you create your own reality”. In the early 1990s, I started to consciously
create what I want in life. The first thing I created consciously was
brilliant. It was so easy so simple! “ YES I CAN DO THIS!!” I was thrilled and so excited.
And everything after that, for what seemed like years) was a complete disaster! So I sat down and thought. And my logic said
to me.. “If you create your own reality, then surely
the obvious thing is to find out as much as possible and you can know how it works”. So I’ve spent a long time doing that. And
slowly, but surely, with every ‘failure’ I got better and better at creating a life
I wanted. The Law of attraction Now we come to the law of attraction. I’d never heard the phrase ‘the law of
attraction’ until 2007 when I read a little book called The Secret. Never heard conscious
reality creation called the law of attraction before then, but I’d been happily creating
my life for about fifteen or so years by then. The law of attraction is a process of life:
it’s how life works! It’s been sold as a manifesting tool – but it’s not a manifesting
tool. Our whole universe is made up of electromagnetic
energy. That includes us too. We live in a vibrational universe, we are
all vibrational beings and therefore when we are sick we need a vibrational remedy:
a vibrational method to make us well. Altering the body might take away the symptoms, but
it’s not going to heal the cause of disease. Because the vibrations are felt in our bodies
and because we often push our emotions down into our body, by the time we get down around
to having symptoms and try to heal the body it’s too late. The emotions (that caused the
illness) have manifested in the physical. It’s like driving looking in the rearview
mirror only. But, if you can catch the emotion early; recognise
how you’re feeling quick enough, and adjust the feeling while it’s still in the emotional
stage, then you are going to avoid the physical expression of the disease. So, because of the mechanics of law of attraction,
we create our lives with repeated thoughts with intense emotions. If you don’t repeat
your thoughts, it means you don’t feel intensely about it. It’s the intense emotion you feel that creates
your life. Our repeated thoughts, with intense emotions
builds a momentum and so our thoughts actually do become things. As Einstein found out. His
very famous formula E=mc2 – means that energy becomes matter: thoughts become physical manifestations. We, then with the momentum of the repeated
thought and intense emotions, actually experience what we have been thinking and feeling because
it comes into our reality in a physical form and then we then say…
“see I knew it was true” and now that thought, with intense emotions, because we
have experienced it physically, becomes a belief. We have lots of beliefs about everything.
Some wonderful positive beliefs as well as restricting and limiting negative beliefs. But the negative beliefs, because of our intense
feelings, create most of our lives. We all have negative default programs that are formed
and laid down in our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind creates our life, until
we bring the subconscious into consciousness. So what creates our reality?
We create our lives from our beliefs with intense emotions. Emotions are language of the soul. Emotions
are our creative power and we are always, always creating more of what we’re feeling. There is nothing, nothing more important than
feeling good. Nothing! When we’re feeling good, it means we’re on the same vibration
as our soul, and we are receiving the flow of pure loving energy – and life
flows. And, due to the creative momentum of the law of attraction, the better it gets
– the better it gets. And the Bach flower essences is a simple,
natural and powerful method of healing negative emotions and feeling good. How to use what you learn today.
You can use what you learn today in several different ways. You can use it simply as a method to help
you change negative feelings: to help you feel better. You can use it to help you find your default
programs and your negative belief patterns. You can use it as a method of self-growth
and self-knowledge. All those years ago, when I started use them,
the only thing I cared about was being less irritable and cross with my poor children.
That’s how I started out. But as time went by it became my path, a very unusual path,
to self-knowledge. I have found out who I am through the study
and use of these remedies, and if you are aware the law of attraction, and you want
to create something special, then the essences can help you balance and harmonize your feelings.
If you monitor your emotions, you can keep your vibrations high, and the universe will
respond. So you can use these amazing essences for
whatever reason you want. When and why would we even think about taking
an essence? You would take an essences when you’re feeling
uncomfortable, particularly if your feelings are intense and recurrent. So if you’re angry all the time, if a black
cloud descends upon you or if you are filled with melancholy and it seems to be the prominent
feeling, then take them. The Bach Flower Essences are self-help therapy. To recap:
You can use them solely to help you feel better. You can use them with awareness of emotions
if you want to create something special. You can use them as I did -an unusual path
to self-knowledge for personal and spiritual growth and today what I’m hoping you’re going
to try to do is maybe identify one negative default program of your belief system. In this quick video you’ll discover how
you can get the most out of this very powerful and life changing information. There are 12 modules that lead you easily
through everything you need to know, step by step. This course will help you gain the clarity
you need to be able to calm your troubled emotions, whenever you feel wobbly, stay positive
and keep you moving towards your life goals. On the right hand side, you’ll see the list
of modules giving you everything you need,from the basic introduction, down to a detailed
review all the remedies in the 7 major remedy groups. You’ll also get the bonus of “Identifying
Negative Believe Patterns” so you can get started healing and changing your thoughts
and feelings straight away. Each module is set-out in a simple-to-navigate
format, with a high quality video about 20 to 25 minutes long. You’ll have instant
access to over 4 hours of detailed training. The videos are “streamed” so it’s really
quick and easy to find what you are looking for when re-watching the videos. At the top you can track your progress with
this nifty progress bar, and you can add modules to your “favourites list”, using this
cute little heart, so after log-in, you can instantly jump to your favourite modules. Each module comes with several, really valuable
resources to supplement your learning. You’ll get a module guide summarising the module,
and a full transcript of the video and a copy of the presentation slide pack so, if you’re
like me, you prefer to read, you can make detailed notes at your own pace. You’ll also get downloadable high quality
audio so you can listen and learn whilst you are ‘on the move’, making it easy to fit
your studies into even the most hectic of schedules. Not only that, but for key modules, you’ll
also get a case-study report and a module quiz to really cement your learning. The quizzes are also included in audio format,
so you can listen ‘on the go’. Lastly if you need any help with the course,
you’ll be able to contact me directly via this support email … and I answer all emails
personally… So with this easy to digest course, you’ll
zip through the training and you’ll soon be able to effortlessly identify your own
emotions and those of your nearest and dearest too, so you can help yourself, and you can
also help others too! Secure your access now, by clicking the button
below…. I know you’ll enjoy the course. It’s going
to open your eyes to a wonderful and simple way of healing. The Bach Flower remedies help you to feel
positive, happy and contented and help to boost your self-confidence. I know you’ll love them, and that they’ll
make a huge difference in your life. So go ahead, and secure your lifetime access
to this powerful course today.

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  1. Using the Bach Flower Remedies is an excellent way of exploring our emotional responses. This can become a personal journey to self-knowledge. They certainly were mine.

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    Have you tried Hornbeam? Its a brilliant remedy for fatigue. It is essence is for the 'feeling of not having enough strength' . So its slightly different to Olive. Try that. It helped me a tremendous amount when I felt as if I could hardly walk 50 yards.
    Although Mustard is often the first remedy considered for depression, it is not in Bach's Group for Despondency and Despair. There are 8 remedies in that Group (most of them trees), so she could need any one of these remedies.
    For example, lack of confidence (Larch) can cause deep depression. Sadness and sorrow (Star of Bethlehem) can cause the deepest state for despair. So look at the others.
    You're going to have to look more closely at her depression.
    I would stay with Gorse, Sweet Chestnut and White Chestnut – and give Hornbeam and look at the other remedies for Depression.
    I hope this is helpful. I can't help any further without knowing the reasons/the thought process behind the depression. So look into that, and get back to me (or perhaps it would be better to email me if you can [email protected])
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