B163 Creative Floral Design by Gordon Lee 創意花藝設計

( Please choose Subtitles and Subscribe ) Today, I will use Eucalyptus and this bar stool for everyone to demonstrate a floral design Eucalyptus leaf shape is more unique, leaf size is also very different, this Eucalyptus is a medium-sized Today, in addition to Eucalyptus, I will show you a Suspension-Style display with Cymbidium and Sasa Lily First, I’ll cut off the branches around Eucalyptus and keep the longer branches Sometimes we cut the end with flower cuttings and bend the Eucalyptus first I placed Eucalyptus in this position, causing it to sag I’ll take one more Eucalyptus, cut off too many branches and make its lines clearer I also bend it first, then insert the flower foam In addition, I will place another Eucalyptus behind. I first pruned this and choose one which is a little bent Placed on the right two o’clock, resulting in curved form, stretching down Today, I will use a small Cymbidium, cut it into 10 inches, and then diagonally placed on the foam side 5 o’clock, drooping slightly, it is also the focus I put a few more Sasa Lily on top, their stems are about 3 inches, placed in these locations I place another one or two Sasa Lily at the front and side Today, I also use the Gomphocarpus, placed in front of them and let them sag slightly You can cut them to different lengths, let them stretch down in front, concentrated in the front Next, I will place two Orchidee Mokara. They are about 12 inches, placed on the foam side 4 o’clock, the other placed at 3 o’clock I placed two more Orchidee Mokara, about 9-10 inches in length, centered on the top At this moment, I will continue to place Eucalyptus for enhanced lines, which are about 8-13 inches in length and are placed all around These are the branches that have just been cut out and can be placed right and left, bent down in the same direction You see I use these flowers, with Eucalyptus, Orchidee Mokara, Sasa Lily and Cymbidium as the main flower, and Gomphocarpus as decoration Sometimes, floral design can be applied to different objects, for example: Today I use this bar stool We do flower design in the future, may wish to boldly try, not necessarily with the traditional container, such as: flower bottles Sometimes, you can use other objects, such as a bench or a table is also available, just give it a try

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