AWKWARD: Orlando Bloom interrupts Miranda Kerr’s interview at Vanity Fair Oscars party

Now, do you get to relax and party? Well, relax and party aren’t in the same sentence,
but yes I’m going to have some fun. Now, it’s probably the most A-List after party
in Hollywood, and if you made it on the guest list, well you’re very lucky. Hundreds of
A-List stars including Jennifer Lawrence, Lady Gaga and Amy Adams attended the annual
Vanity Fair Oscar party. John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston also
rocked up, and they were obviously having a great time. -He should have won for everything.
-He should have for Saturday Night Fever. -Thank you.
-You should have won for Saturday Night Fever. -That’s all I’ve got to say.
-Thank you. That’s all we have to say. -How about his movie, huh?
-How about Alfred Hitchcock? Never won an Oscar. Genius, genius. Brilliant. Then this happened. Yeah, bumping into your
ex is always going to be a bit awkward at a party. However, Miranda was very excited
to be there. I think Cate Blanchett always looks so beautiful,
and her speech was amazing. Yeah, it was all… I mean, everything was beautiful. I think
everyone looks beautiful. Also grabbing our attention on the red carpet
were hot couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Will Smith and wifey Jada, and host Ellen
Degeneres and wife Portia. -Ellen, can you yell one random word into the camera?
-Lawn chair. Yeah, we so wish we were at that party.

59 thoughts on “AWKWARD: Orlando Bloom interrupts Miranda Kerr’s interview at Vanity Fair Oscars party

  1. Love miranda Kerr I hope her and Orlando get back together but if they dont they broke up in a dignified way 😃

  2. "well relax and party aren't in the same sentence, but yes I'm gonna have some fun" Gotta love jared! LOL

  3. I'm sorry but why are they saying bumping into your ex like they don't have a child together , like they were never going to speak or see each other again or like one did tell the other they were going out for the night 

  4. I thought Travolta's wife Kelly had dumped him ages ago after his inability to stay away from other men's penis's – so publically – started to become ridiculous. 
    She's obviously known that he is gay for years, but I thought that his indiscreet behaviour was just too humiliating for her to put up with anymore. Oh well, perhaps she's going to enjoy their private jet and his babysitting uses until she meets a man she deserves – who is able to have a decent therapeutic massage without molesting or sexually harassing the masseur.
    He is such an idiotic-looking dick…with his stupid dyed weave and 'piss-hole in the snow' eyes, and as for all that scientology crap he clings to in the hope that his thuggish pals may pull a few strings or threaten and blackmail a few producers to help get him the odd 'Shake'n'Vac' commercial…I think – as with Tom Cruise – they're trying to distance themselves from him too.

  5. didnt seem awkward between Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr at all. fucking journos hype any situation up possible.

  6. You can tell dumbass Orlando is regretting breaking up with that fine piece of ass. I mean look at her and look at him, she always was too good for him. oh well now shes remarried to a billionaire and hes back to desperately trying to find himself a hot replacement… but thats proving to be impossible as no one comes close to being as hot as his ex

  7. "awkward running into your ex" ?? it's not like they never see each other and talk… He's not just her ex boyfriend, it's her ex husband, they have a child together and shared custody… so they are pretty much in each other's lives permanently..

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