[ ASMR ] 🤷 어딘가 이상한 돌팔이네 교체샵 롤플레이 ㅣ 각막 교체 Camera Brushing ㅣ Roleplay

Do you know?
These days, we can replace a body like a brain, a cornea, with a new one. It’s a little expensive, but I’d like to replace my brain with a new one. I have too many thoughts. So I can’t sleep well. They said,
“My brain is clean and I can have a good dream!
I don’t even have a bad idea!” Yeah, yeah. I have to go to bed now. Someday, after I change my brain, I’ll tell you what it feels like. Good night.~ [National-recognized Replacement Shop]
★Professional replacement shops recognized by the state★
Cheap price!
■ Brain replacement for just $2,500!
>If you upload your review to SNS, you’ll get a 10% discount.
■ cornea Teeth Lung ★During the event★
30% off three surgeries at a time!
Address – 12, ASMR 2-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan
Soyul Building 2F / No Parking
Number – 051-212-212 (muttering) He’s here again…..(muttering) Yes…. Welcome~🤦 It’s not my fault that your cornea are crumpled, It’s because you rub your eyes hard.
I have told you more than 10 times…!!!!! !!!! Hello. Don’t get me wrong!
I have a registered customer of Black Consumer..
I thought you was him. He’s been here a while ago. Listen to my story. Plasticity, procedure, surgery, correction, etc…. It’s natural that if you can’t take care of yourself, you’ll have side effects.
(…a bad master) He said, His corneas crumpled up.
He said, “The world looks like a crumpled piece of paper!”
He asked me to give him a refund. I said no. Which one are you here to replace? I’ll get the right answer! Brain! Isn’t that right? Lung? liver? ………Heart? Heart! It’s correct, right? cornea~! Your cornea looks very hard. Do you use a lot of smartphones, computers, and TV? Electromagnetic waves have a very bad effect on the cornea. It makes the cornea dry. I’ll do a corneal replacement. It’s so messy here.
Let’s go to the next room together. Did you ask me if I had a medical license…? (muttering) I did most of the Lasik surgeries in Korea.(lie..) Believe me. Let’s go to the next room. Mike’s malfunction is causing a lot of white noise.

Let me check how hard your cornea is. (muttering) Hygiene is the most important thing. This room is more cozy than the one we had earlier, right? I’ll check it. Your cornea… You know “eye dryness”? worse than “eye dryness”
It’s “eye drought” Like the ground cracked because it didn’t rain.
Your cornea is dry and about to split. It’s serious. I’ll remove the existing cornea and replace it with a pretty cornea. I’ll give you something pretty. Which one is right? I’d love this one It’s a stick-type solid anesthetic. I’ll apply it to your eyes. I’ll wait a minute. I’ll unscrew it in your eyes. It’s your cornea. So wonderfully thick a cornea. I’ll throw it away. It’s a cornea. There’s a lot of dust under the cornea. The screw’s a little loose, I think we’ve got a little space. I think there’s dust in between. I’ll dust it off. These are the corneas that I made. I’ll pick the cornea that suits you. I picked two. I’ll show you. Please pick one. This is a circular cornea. It’s a circle. If you wear this cornea. You can live a round life. You can live in a round personality, a round life, and an easy life. It’s a flower shape. Flowers bloom very widely in spring. Your life will bloom like a flower. However, as flowers fall in winter,
At the end of your life,
Like the flowers of winter, they will disappear without power. Shall we do a round cornea? I’ll disinfect it. I’ll put it in my eyes. How is it? Is it not uncomfortable? I just put in the cornea.
I can’t fix it with a screw. I’ll put it on with a pretty tape. Remove the tape yourself after a week.
And fix your cornea with screws while looking in the mirror. I’ll put it on with my favorite purple tape. It’s done well. Caution. Don’t put on makeup. No shadow mascara eyeliner. Don’t wear contact lenses, either. No swimming, no hot springs, no strenuous exercise. Sweat breaks your cornea. It’s absolutely forbidden for about two weeks. Do you have eye lotion in your house? Go home, put a eye lotion in your eye Tomorrow, add two drops. If you add a little bit more, it’ll be a normal cornea. the best surgery I’ve ever had. Did you deposit the money? You made a deposit. Goodbye. Hello? Are you coming now? Where are you? Can you see the bakery? If you go towards the bakery, you’ll see the flower shop. There is a small door next to the flower shop. If you open a small door, there is a staircase.
Please come up the stairs. There’s our store on the second floor. there’s no sign outside, so it’ll be hard to find. It’s not an illegal store! You want us to tell you my store names? a state-approved replacement shop No, it’s not a state permission, it’s just a store name. I built… Did you ask me if I had a medical license…? …um…um……. I’ll see you later.

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