Keep pushing! Push!!
[baby crying] Congratulations! We got it back in. [anime-style theme song that you can
find the full version of in the description] Nani?! I’m on my way… I’m on my way… I’m on my way to eat your skin. Dad, I’m gay!
I have no son! *gasp* This isn’t my house! A-B-C-D-E-F- Gun
[bang] Did somebody say “waffles”?! No. I have brain damage. A knife!
My favourite. I wish people would be nice to me…
Your wish is… Stupid.
[slap] Hey! Can your girlfriend do THIS?! HNGGG-
[splat] Mm… That’s hot. You’re FIRED! You can’t fire me, I QUIT! You can’t quit, I QUIT! You can’t quit, you’re A FROG! You can’t frog me, you’re MY WIFE! I’m not your wife, you’re MY WIFE! Well hey honey, how was work? Pretty good but I quit my job. You can’t quit your job, you’re FIRED! AAAAAA- I sure hope I don’t get hit by a car! [punch + car horn] That’s for sleeping with my wife. [phone beeps]
Hey, um, can people fly? That’s a shame. [splat] Ugh, it’s Johnny Big Feet! Hey, my feet aren’t THAT big… Damn you, Johnny Big Feet!!! Hmm… This is not my arm. Hey. Your chin feels nice. Oh no, a gunman! Oohohoho…
I’m gonna STAB ya! Hay!
[horse trotting intensifies] Where?! [wild west music] [bang] Good news! We were able to save your legs! And here they are! I’m leaving you Jerry.
You and your inappropriate reactions. Weeeee! [smacking lips] My mouth tastes like teeth… I don’t wanna be a mother. [pop]
[splat] Baby: Oh nooo…

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