Arseniy Kovalchuk (Extermination Dismemberment) – Flowers (06.12.2015)

Check Hello everyone You know, I happened to do regular military service here, in Military Academy. Remembering the service, I definitely want to say words of gratitude to my commanders and, of course, to my fellow soldiers, with whom I served at the supply center. Special greetings to my favorite subdivision – security platoon. I’m going to perform a song which I wrote when I was 15 It is called “Flowers” Let’s go

20 thoughts on “Arseniy Kovalchuk (Extermination Dismemberment) – Flowers (06.12.2015)

  1. Записать бы эту годнотенечку .. В любом случае,Арсений, ты лучший, с возвращением!

  2. Couldn't control my laughing when the brutal part happened, I did NOT see that coming, it's amazing that you can hear the audience laughing too

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