Arreglo floral forma “L”(ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

Hi , how are you, Sandra Juarez is again with you In opportunity I want to teach, how to make a flower arrangement in form of “L” I will use different foliages Personally, I like to enrich my composition with mixed greens in different tones and textures I will need a base Previously, I put moistened the floral foam In another video I have explained how you must moisten the flower foam and that you can adequately moist the foam and follow my videos, because I want to teach How to make flower arrangements a simple way to teach a basic way and so you can do your own compositions To make beautiful flower arrangements, more elaborate, which we will progressively making the material that I will use gladiolus, roses, one stem of lily in my foliages I will uses anthurium leaves croton leaves aspidistra aspidistra one color I will use bear grass also I will use rouscous of Israel and possibly, possible leather leaf to cover my mechanics I told you, my base already prepared with moistened floral foam I star to place my gladiolus the arrangement it be in form of “L” I star with the flowers that will give the height of my arrangement and continuous placing near each other gently place your flowers making sure it covered this area that we are working That is the area that we will enrich with foliages as we advanced in our arrangement I continuous placing my gladiolus I you see, I have already composed the first lateral vertical of my arrangement now I star with the roses I do not want to long my roses I hope you can see I place the rose the more distanced, along the same vertical flower I follow placing the other roses the way linear manner I”am placing more roses such to go strengthen this point if you check i trying to make a line now I star to fill I strengthening the same line of roses shortened my flowers If you see the shape I need reinforce my longer rose and here I place one more Now i have already positioned my flowers my the lily I place here I broke the lily, but I repositioned the flower and now the bottom I place in front here I have a special design with this leave in aspidistra leaves I fold the leave in two I fold, and do press and I do a form of node I cross lets go one more, I have the whole leave I pleated in two the leave and make the form as node through the hole we have of this form trow to assure them we pressure finally it gives us this form and with this, we will give a different touch to our foliages thus the leaves, do not see as simple leaves I place in this corner will be the focus point now I will enrich with another foliages I told you, I will use the anthurium leaves now I will place the bear grass this I place near to the gladiolus this foliage give a wave to your arrangement is easy to place only trying to place into the foam is a foliage easy to use now the croton leave I want to enrich my arrangement now I place the rouscous of Israel is another way to give wave to this arrangement follow the shape of stem according the stems for me this part is ready now are the aspidistra leaves with the same stem, I cross the leave to drill my leaves now I to cover my mechanics I told you, that cover the mechanic, means to cover our flower foam if you cover well, you arrangement it will have a good finish then cover with leaves all these mechanic or foam if to you which quantity of leaves you want to place many prefer the leather leaf. Only if the area to cover is big is better use the leather leaf can check, my arrangement is covered i want to give a nice look I will use the variegate aspidistra and I continuous filling my space. In this part I can see any uncovered area, and I introduce some leaves of aspidistra between my flowers for my mechanics is well covered the only thing that I do, is to continue embedding the leave if you can appreciate, i have finish the arrangement I place an aspidistra leave only to give a bit design to my arrangement this the design for this arrangement and see this part what do you do, simply cover with a leave your mechanic, we used de aspidistra leaves with this purpose and I introduce my leave I have a little space I will use the rouscous of Israel in another video, I have explained in the particular case of rouscour israel have many leave in the same stem to maximize the foliage cut the stem, it depending how long or short do you need the foliage and filled your areas it is very important to know how you can optimize your materials and simply, I needed to filed this space my arrangement is finished I really hope to catch your attention, they like to you the work that I trying to teach to you subscribe to my channel honesty, that is what is stimulate me I hope to serve, and like my work that you enjoy my arrangements. I will appreciate your comments Have a great day. See you next time.

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