Are fake flowers really that bad

our fake flowers really that bad I’m
Julie from Julie Davies flower workshops and #FlowerStart the online flower
arranging classes I’ve just bought some fake flowers for a project I’m going to
be doing lovely head of hydrangea here and I think probably from the anger
you’re looking at you’d be hard-pressed to tell that that wasn’t a real flower
this one came from next and cost me ten pounds so it was quite pricey so I guess
depending on what your budget is depends on the quality of flower that you’re
going to get so I would say you need to get the the best quality flower you can
for the budget you’ve got and to make your flowers look even more natural when
they’ve got leaves on them you can bend them and shape them so they would appear
as the natural flower now this hydrangea has got quite a
chunky stem so when I’m putting it in my VARs you’d need to cut it down to size
so you’ll find that a pair of normal scissors won’t be strong enough so what
I’ll normally do is bend the stem backwards and forwards to try and crack
through the plastic and then get a pair of wire cutters quite heavy duty and
trim the flower off to size so I think that’s a great impersonation of a
hydrangea and I’d highly recommend that now the other things I’ve been buying
are these monstera leaves and again you can just see they’re lovely in glossy
clothes they probably don’t bear a close inspection we know they aren’t real
they’re fake and the reason I’ve bought these is I’ve got an my computer space
it’s very dark and I just felt I needed something to lighten and brighten the
space up and having it wasn’t option to have a pot plant because it’s too dark
and I didn’t always want fresh flowers in an office location so I’ve bought
myself a pair of these big leaves and these came from Ikea and I think they
were three pound fifty I can’t remember now but certainly the two together were
less than 10 pounds and I think again they look like a great alternative so
you just need to be really discerning about what you’re going to buy and to
get them to look as natural as they can and they’re not looking that true well
don’t buy them and choose something else and on that point it’s perhaps stick
with the naturally colored flowers so steer away from the bright blues and the
bright purples that don’t occur naturally in nature so I’m going to put
these in my office and I’ve got an empty carafe here which I don’t need to fill
it with water because the flowers don’t need anything to take up I will all take
off the sticky label like came from the shop and make sure I’ve moved removed
all that stuck on my fingers now and then I’m always packed loathe to cut the
links off my fake flowers because you never quite know whether you want them
to be longer in the future so what I thought I would do is to spiral the wire
round if I can so that would sit down into my VARs and give me a sort of
second point of interest in the vas not sure whether it’s going to work because
I’ve not tried this before so it’s not too bad so you just got this the the
stem curling around and I would say it’s creased and Bentley the stem itself is
quite hollow with the length of wire going up so it’s one of these things
where you need to kind of get it right first of all or you’re going to be as
everything join the look of these naturally looking leaves you’re going to
wonder why on earth it’s all creased inside the vars there’s wire on the
backside of the belief so it does mean that you can manipulate the leaf so I
could know came from the shop like this but I could flatten it down so it sits
where I wanted to sit and it makes the plant look more natural and I wanted to
have one leaf that was higher ups risk going straight up and another one
offered to the side might let me film I might just round one more time and it
just looks very casually well two leaves and a bass so now that’s the question it
is our fake flowers really worth it I would say spend as much as you can
afford and really look for something that’s a top quality and isn’t looking
to plastically so if we enjoy this video please to give it a thumbs up leave me a
comment below and make sure you subscribe to my channel I look forward
to seeing you soon

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