Anyone Can Water: The uglier the better (Vintage Masked Floral Bouquet)

hey everyone it’s Laurel here and today
I’m going to show you a card it’s gonna start off with a little bit of masking
to create this floral bouquet then we’re gonna add some color with some
watercolor brush markers and it’s gonna look pretty ugly right here look at it
but eventually we’re gonna learn how to work the watercolor and move the color
around and it’s going to turn into something quite pretty like this so hang
with me get ready because this video is also part of a video blog hop
celebrating my friend ardyth’s 3000 subscribers and there’s lots of prizes
to be won along the way so if you’re ready let’s go along for the ride so today I’m going to be working with this
stamp set from the fun stampers journey this is actually the stamp set that’s
available in the September kit this is called friendship blessings and it’s
basically part of the stamp of the Month Club so this is September’s stamp of the
month and it’s full of some beautiful florals I’ve even got this little pair
there and some fun sentiment so I thought it would be fun to create a
masked kind of floral bouquet if you will so I’m not the best with
masking because it requires me to think a little bit like what image needs to be
in front and all this stuff and quite frankly I don’t want to insult myself so
I’m gonna move on so what I started with is I stamped the big floral image I’m
using some of the new all too new pigment ink it’s this beautiful gold
color I think it’s called an enchanted gold and then I sprinkled on some clear
embossing powder now you can’t do this with some embossing ink and some gold
embossing powder if you wanted to and then I stamped it a second time onto
some post-it sticky notes it’s got the it’s the full back sticky notes to
create a little mask here so I’m just quickly cutting this out very loosely
it’s not gonna be perfect just to kind of cover up that flower right there
because that’s the flower I want front and center so when you’re masking kind
of stamp the image you want to be in the front first and then stamp everything
else after does that make sense I don’t know I’m keeping my masked
bouquet very simple because if I start trying to mask things on top of things
on top of things I’m in just gonna my brain is gonna explode I just my brain
does not think that way so this is like basic masking 101 so I’m
taking just any all the other floral images there and I’m just gonna create
this little bouquet I’m just kind of lining it up on how it looks they come
there red rubber stamps but they already come pre-cut so they’re totally ready to
stamp right out of the kit so you got to love that right
so I’m sitting here finagling I’m trying to envision what its gonna look like
and once I’m satisfied I’m gonna pick it up with my acrylic block I’m gonna ink
it up again with the same gold ink that I used for the first flower then I’m
gonna stamp it down and that original flower we stamped is completely
protected by the mass now I did forget to mention I’m working on some water
colored cardstock because I am going to use some water colored brush markers in
just a few minutes so I’m gonna go in and add another leaf here and there I
don’t know I’m not a flower expert so I’m I don’t know how it’s supposed to
look right but I’m rolling with it I think in the end I’m quite happy with it
but as I was doing this I was like is this where the leaves are supposed to go
so whatever so again if you don’t have any gold ink or if you don’t have any
ink color that you you know like for flowers or that’s not waterproof if you
decide to watercolor then heat embossing is the way to go for sure so you can
just ink all this up with some clear embossing ink and then sprinkle on
whatever embossing powder you like to go this route but if you do decide to
watercolor I strongly advise that you do all of your stamping onto some
watercolor cardstock so once I am done heat setting this and you’ll know it’s
done because it’s gonna be all shiny all the embossing powder is gonna melt right
into that paper and it’s gonna be all shiny you are ready to go and proceed
with the water coloring part of this I’m gonna tell you right up front it’s gonna
look ugly at the beginning I think I mentioned that at the very beginning of
this video so let’s be honest alright I’m just going to put it out there I am
using some wart Ulta new watercolor brush markers oh I will link to they
have three collections out I can’t remember which collection this is but
regardless you can use whatever watercolors you have in your stash but
if you want to know what I’m using I will link to it in the description for
you so I’m just going in with two color greens and blending it out you can do
simple simple coat you don’t even have to order color if you don’t want to get
your markers get your kopecks get your Crayola markers get your colored pencils
get your Sharpie markers whatever you want to do you don’t have to do what our
coloring what our coloring I just love it it’s it’s very calming to me so and
plus I feel like the water does all of the work for you the water works its
magic so here I am just adding some color here and there there’s really no
rhyme or reason I probably should take a proper water coloring class because I
know that you’re supposed to envision where the Sun comes in and where the
shadows are and all that stuff well I don’t do that I just that puts a lot of
pressure on me yeah and this is supposed to be fun and this is my Zen right so I
think you guys should do whatever you want to do so I’m just kind of choosing
colors that I think look good side by side I don’t know I’m just rolling with
it so I’m gonna put all the colors down first and then I’m gonna blend it and
soften it up a little bit with some water so if you’re using the brush
markers that’s what I mean you can actually blend the colors with the brush
markers if you want you’ll get a very vibrant result I wanted a little bit
more water colored and more washed out so I will be adding some water with a
paintbrush here shortly and then we’re gonna go around the outlines and we’re
gonna add some shading and we’re gonna make it look like there’s a shadow there
and we’re just gonna have fun and I’m just going to tell you if I can do it
you can do it because I’m not the best alright so here I am going around with
this gray color and I’m just gonna go ahead and outline the entire flower I’m
getting in all the nooks and crannies in between those leaves I got a little
booboo with my embossing powder I’m gonna try to cover that up but I’m not
going to be successful but it’s gonna go with the look of the card and I’ve got
all that gray down and that looks pretty pretty ugly but here we are I’ve got a
brush and I’ve got a cup of water off to the side which is where I my brush keeps
disappearing to the right it’s going into the cup of water and I’m gonna
start slowly blending out this color so basically I’m just taking the water I’m
touching it to the gray and I’m just pushing it away I’m just pushing it out
I want to leave the dark around the edge but I want to push the color out some if
that makes any sense here you can let the water do all
work in my opinion right here I just got some green on my card or did you see
that anyway in my opinion here I think the more at water you add the more
beautiful it’s going to look because this is the look I was going for a very
vintage very organic very freeing I wasn’t looking for perfection I wanted
some vibrancy from the flowers I wanted some muted tones from the the shadows
around it I don’t know I’m just having a good ol time I say add some water just
have a lot of fun and I will cut that little green speck out here in the final
card so I tend to dry my panels and I’m using the Wow heats heat gun I’m
actually using it on the second setting the first setting is good for drying
water colored panels slowly and it won’t reactivate your embossing powder but I’m
going on heat setting too because I wanted to finish my card and I had zero
patience but once it was good and dry I really think the results were quite
pretty another benefit of using the heat tool is it will actually leave those
hard lines in there I see all those hard lines in those little puddles that’s
because I dried it with my heat tool if you do not like that look if you want a
softer look then air drying it is probably the way to go but I like all
these hard looks and I think that the finished result of this card is really
quite pretty I hope you do too so again this is part of a video hop as
I mentioned at the beginning so you’ll want to scroll down look in the
description for the person to hop on over to next there are prizes to be won
there are 20 people in the hop so you get a loads of inspiration today
everybody’s doing something different she left it open to do whatever we
wanted so I can’t wait to hop along and see what are the other 19 participants
have created and here’s a couple other videos you might want to take a look at
if you have the time and if not no worries I will see you again here real
soon thanks so much for watching

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