Annoying Orange – Flower Power!

-Sun, sun, sun-sun-sun, sun, sun, sun-sun-sun, sun, sun-sun-sun, sun! [laughs] Oh, boy. Another hour of this and I’ll be tan-gerine. [laughs] Hey! Down in front! You’re blocking my sun! -Well, that’s what you get… when you bake without “flower.” [snickers] -Huh? -Ha-ha-ha, yeah, just, uh, tried to break the ice here, neighbor. -Neighbor? Whose bright idea was it to plant you by the window? -Oh, sorry about that, buddy, but it’s the only way I’ll grow. -Yeah? Well, why don’t you grow back to where you came from? [laughs, Sunflower chuckles] -Funny story for you. See, there is this fascinating process called “photosynthesis”– -Boring! -No, no, it’s really quite intere– -Nuh-uh, I’m not buying it. -Buying what? -Whatever you’re “petaling.” [laughs] -Look, perhaps you could maybe roll to the left an inch or two. -No way, “daffodil-weed.” I was here first. -And I’m in a pot, so obviously, I’m not moving. -Then at least crack the window. You smell funny. -Nonsense. I smell great. I’m in bloom. -What? I thought you were in a pot. Make up your mind already. [laughs] -Uhh… uhh… [buzzing sound] -Hey, what are you buzzing about? -What? No, I’m not buzzing. -Then what’s that sound? -Get it away! Get it away! -Oh– oh no! Dude, don’t let it land on you! -Whoa! Maybe they should ask him to bee-have. [laughs] -Oh, good luck. That’s Honeybee. -Oh, my God! He’s on my eye! -It’s digging! It’s digging, oh no! -(Sunflower) Honeybee doesn’t care. He doesn’t care one bit. -Whoa! Talk about an eyeful. [laughs] Ooh… [flowers screaming, Honeybee gnawing] -Why are you so mean, Honeybee? -[sniffles] -Aw, don’t be upset, little guy. -I’m not upset. -You’re not? -No, you’re dripping pollen all over the place. [sneezes] -Oh, my bad. It must be all this sunshine. I can almost feel myself getting stronger. -Really? ‘Cause you still kind of look like a pansy. [laughs] -Okay, you know what? You’re not nice. -Duh, I’m an orange. -What? Is that supposed to be funny? Are you telling jokes now? -Ooh-ooh! Great idea! Why did the lilac get arrested? -I don’t know and I don’t care. -‘Cause he committed a “violet” crime. [laughs] -[growls] -They even found him with a “pistil.” Get it? Pistil? -Yeah, that’s not even funny. -It was too bad they couldn’t nip it in the “bud.” [laughs] -That’s it! You will shut your mouth and you will shut it now! You do not wanna mess with me! -Whoa! Talk about flower power. [laughs] -[groans] -Hey, hey Flower! Hey, Flower, hey! -What?! -Knife! -Whoa! What are you– [screaming] -Yikes! He really put the metal to the “petal.” [laughs] Ooh, that looked like it hurt. Wait, the sun is back! Yay! Too bad Flower isn’t here to see it. [laughs] Hey! -Whoa, I didn’t really see that one coming. -Yeah, me neither. Too bad about the honeybees though. -Yeah, that was awf– wait, did you say bees? [screaming] Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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