Anime动态漫 | Love Like Cheery Blossoms恋是樱草色S1E5 TERRIBLE MEET糟糕的巧遇(Original/Eng sub)

Isn’t she That hot actress, Min Yao Don’t forget our transaction Yes I won’t say it out Well She and you … Guess with your nerd’s head Guess it right, you get the prize girlfriend No No She is a star and so beautiful How could she like someone like you? Bad temper and rude. Do you want me to tell you the truth Let me tell you! Humph If you dare ask again I will Post this photo to the school’s forum Why are you doing this I won’t ask, delete it quickly If you want to delete it, do it by yourself If you can get it from me Asshole gangster Didn’t you come to make a cake? Hurry to the kitchen Baking recipe is in the kitchen I believe in your IQ Go and do it Forget it For the oven This guy is so irritating But these things are neatly organized Make such a big noise for making a cake? What is she doing Go check it out I say That flour bag A bit difficult to open Are you stupid? I…… I’ll clean it up Besides studying and drawing Do you know anything else? I can boil water? Go to the bathroom and shake the flour off Come back, I’ll teach you personally Why am I so stupid? So clean! You cleaned it? Of course is me. Tie the apron first Stupid Lu You ruined the flour Fortunately, still can use the eggs Yes, but it just broke the eggshell inside Go pick it out Yes My first time to making cakes, it is great, I hope senior likes it This is the first time to make a successful cake Your first cake is here I’ll take these cakes Trouble you so much today Thank you No need Don’t be clumsy in the future Then I’m thankful that I’m leaving Goodbye Who come this time Hum Interesting Come here come here Who do you think it is? It’s…Senior It’s a coincidence Why did senior come here? You didn’t ask him to come, right? how about it? Surprise! He comes by himself He lives near my house. Opposite the elevator is his house God, what will he think when he sees me at your house? You hide in the room Okay thank you so close Yo Senior, I just wore headphones Didn’t hear the knock All right I’m here to get the clothes I put here last time Ok Come in So jealous of Xia Yi! If I’m the one live here, that would be great. But don’t be found by senior. Otherwise I guess I will never have a chance Senior wait for me Let me look for it Ok, no hurry When he said ok That tone Senior seems to smile I want to go out and see his expression Not here I’ll go check the kitchen again Senior Look for the room over there Ok Room?? Aren’t I here? Asshole Yes yes that room Funny Not in your room Senior, please hurry out! Senior Look in the closet I might put it inside He is a devil Senior is standing outside, I’m dying Huh? It is here! Xia Yi, I found it Oh? is it? Then I leave now and remember to come tomorrow okay What are you angry at! So rare Didn’t I want you to take a look at your senior I am so enthusiastic You don’t thank me You obviously did it on purpose Although I am unwilling to ask Xia Yi But there’s one thing I want to know very much What are you doing Want to … hit me? Well… Can you tell me Which door is the senior’s house? UNBELIEVABLE I can’t stand you Come, let me show you That one Is the home of senior Oh I want to know what it looks like Are you happy? Lu? This is really Worst senario

44 thoughts on “Anime动态漫 | Love Like Cheery Blossoms恋是樱草色S1E5 TERRIBLE MEET糟糕的巧遇(Original/Eng sub)

  1. 被捉奸了!!!真是太糟糕了😱😱😱PS.今天还会更新冷王哦!!!千万别错过啦~~٩(๑>◡<๑)۶
    Catch by Senior!!! Super Terrible😱😱😱BTW Queen's legend will be updated too!!! Don't miss it❤❤❤❤❤

  2. my heart beating so fast if a see this im totaly inlove 😍😍i always thank make me happy every day😊😊😊

  3. 😍😍😍 like it,,,, thanks for update animation dong 😊.
    Animation dong can you make my cursed prince charming please 😊😊😊… Thanks you.

  4. 😂🤣😂🤣💕💕💕😍😍😍lovely just lovely , so funny and so cute at the same time thanks for the update take care and keep up with the awesome craftsmanship love from fiji 😘😘😘

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