Anime动态漫 | Love Like Cheery Blossoms恋是樱草色S1E14 I LIKE LU 我喜欢小鹿(Original/Eng sub)

When I Went down the stairs Twisted to the feet accidentally slower Sit down first Senior You seems to be very anxious What are you anxious for? Eh? I have to meet an important person please wait a moment I go to fine the school doctor Senior Can I borrow your phone? I don’t bring mine today I want my family to pick me up sure! Go ahead! I’ll go find the school doctor The person Senior wants to meet It must be Lu! Is he Is he going to confess? I don’t like this Lu has Xiayi already Is that all right? If Lu and Senior haven’t dated yet It’s not wrong If I do it Sorry Lu Sorry Is it Lu? Sorry, Senior can’t go now So Didn’t you say you want to call your family? Senior I Hello Lu Sorry, I’ll be right there Ok Ok The school doctor will be back soon You wait here! Senior Do you like Lu? Yes I like Lu really but Why is Lu? I always look at you too I seize every opportunity to appear by your side I’m sparky It’s because I want you to see a better me Why can’t be me? because She is Lin Lu Quiet and serious Faint silently Always be careful She is the only Lin Lu Sorry, Tongyin you…… Always been Bright and cheerful people So stop doing this weird thing It’s better to be the original you Take care At last I can’t even lift my head I must be hated, right? Must be Because doing so Really stupid I hate myself like this Why I’ve acted like a thief lately? So stupid? He asks you to wait so you just wait here You don’t know it’s dangerous to come to this place at night Such a stupid person What’s wrong with me to tell her that? Ugh Forget it I’m stupid too Lu Sorry I’m late You’ve waited for a long time? Are you cold? No I’m fine I was coming over after the student union meeting But Tong Yin slipped on the stairs So I took her to the infirmary Oh You finally come but I don’t have the courage to ask about Tong Yin Is she okay? At that time I clearly heard the dialogue between Tong Yin and Senior So Tongyin Also like Senior Yes School doctor is already taking care of her That’s great Senior is gentle to everyone I’ve always been dreaming I am a little different to others But after all Just my fantasy So many things happened today The brain can’t think anymore I’ve just been delusional So what’s the matter? This expression It’s the same as Xia Yi’s expression at that time What do you kink What kind of person am I? You have been quietly doing your own thing Silence Modest This kind of you I like it very much like me? This sentence This scene I have waited too long But at this moment of great joy But there is a strong anxiety All feeling bumped together I…… I I can only tremble But can’t answer anything Eh! ? Sorry Do I scare you? I was looking for a better opportunity to tell you But I always feel like if I don’t say it You’ll be taken away by others I’m too abrupt You can reply to me when you’re ready Then I will send you home first! Ok This answer Need to guess? Delete it?
YES NO The End Yes What am I struggling with? She taught me I should not have any expectations to others Today the teacher praised me again for drawing well Father is always away Mother is always unhappy Hope when Mom see this She will smile Hehe Because when mom smiles She looks so beautiful Mom, look at what I drew today for Father’s day Above are dad and you Get Off Why is this dream again I still remember Her expression at the time anger Dislike Even hate

54 thoughts on “Anime动态漫 | Love Like Cheery Blossoms恋是樱草色S1E14 I LIKE LU 我喜欢小鹿(Original/Eng sub)

  1. 我覺得夏翊哥哥可以出個表情包了XD
    不過被媽媽罵:滾開,心裡會藍過ㄉㄧˉ~~~( ´▽`)(心疼)

  2. 学长也表白了???吓得我看看自己是不是桃花运也一样旺,然而并没有😭😭😭
    Him too??? Lu is so popular now!! She gets two best guys😆😆😆

  3. 這一集讓我想起去年的我就像夏翊一樣,他明顯是喜歡小鹿的但是被人搶走了, 我就跟夏翊一樣明明是喜歡但是不成認

  4. 那是大學嗎?還是中學?如果是大學的話,我也想有像學長那樣的,還有我也要想夏翊那樣的男神啊!希望如此!(回复我)

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