Angie Rose – Fight Like A Man

96 thoughts on “Angie Rose – Fight Like A Man

  1. This girls done shot the devils head off with this track. Lol I just can't stop smiling from this mug. This mug is the Godly warriors dang.

  2. Angie… Wow. It brings me joy to see the growth. Sheesh… The grind to the glow up is real. It's good to see you finally getting your moment in the sun. Blessings Sis. Keep going! In the mighty name of Yeshua!

  3. If you are out here disliking this ,you are just a hater . We Christians don’t support out artist enough we always very quick to criticize when someone tries to be different. I love the mainstream concept in this song and it’s pure fire ..will definitely play everywhere in clubs and secular events as well as christian events so either way she is winning and the new style is just straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Songs ok. The 2:53 ad… not ok. Did I jump out the shower to see who was singing out of pure anger and slipperiness… yeah ok.

  5. It was a cool video, but works better as a secular video and not a so-called Christian video. The people who disliked don't hate her music but may have been concern with the visual concept. It was good and choreography was great. Some of us just want you to keep lit and holy. Still a cool video.

  6. What happened? Why so much skin, seeing bras, stomachs, putting your hands on yourself in sensual ways, and do you sing you will have what you want in the world? Why are there half naked men and women in the vid? It looks like you are compromising. This does not look holy. Sorry, I was a fan until now. Unsubscribing.

  7. The flame on the fingers proves the crossover to the world, no more of GOD, no secular record label is for GOD, they get the artist to sign then change them, sad, we lost another one….

  8. Dang. Sis, I literally just discovered your music, like literally at 12:42am 2/12/2020 I'm typing this, and I was so mad because I was like dang, where have I been to miss this lyrical fire storm. I found your channel, through Mahogany Jonez channel, and the videos I watched of you were from 2014… what happened ma? This is totally opposite from your look and biblical lyrics back then.

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