Amaryllis Drawing Tutorial | How to Draw Christmas Flowers

Hi everyone! The Christmas flower series from last week
continues. This time I’m drawing an amaryllis. I will also show you how to make a repeat
pattern of it for print on demand sites like Society6 and Redbubble, but I made a poll
in the YouTube community tab and in art amino and twitter asking if you’d like to see the
drawing tutorial and repeat pattern tutorial combined into one video or as two separate
videos and so far most people have said two videos. I made the poll really last minute though,
on the same day I’m editing and uploading this video, so there weren’t many votes yet,
but since they were almost unanimous, I’ll take the advice. So, the repeat pattern video is coming later. I’ll link it on this video once it’s up. Let’s start with the drawing. Again I used both The Flower Painters Essential
Handbook by Jill Bays as help and a real amaryllis as a live reference. I made a quick practice sketch with colored
pencils before starting the more detailed drawing. The colored sketch was also a plan for a colored
watercolor version of this drawing, which I also filmed for an upcoming video. I started a light pencil sketch using a hard
H pencil. This way it’s easier to get rid of any mistakes
in the initial sketch later. I sketched out a flower bud and a flower that’s
already opened so that both of those stages of the flowering are present in the drawing
and the silhouette is a bit more interesting and I sketched out some of the thick stem
and leaves, but no flower bulb this time. I like how the shape of the flower bud turned
out but I’m not as happy with the open flower. But honestly, the amaryllis I used as a reference
didn’t look great either, maybe the petals just hadn’t spread open quite enough yet. I darkened the sketch with a mechanical pencil
once it was done and then went on to shade the left side of the sketch lightly with a
hard pencil. I use a piece of scrap paper under my palm
so that the rest of the sketch won’t get smudged from the oils on my palm. I added darker shading with a softer 3B pencil
in the crevices of the flower bud and stripes to the stem and the leaves around the flower
bud and the stem. I continued with the same process towards
the right so I’m not smudging parts I’ve already shaded as I go along. If you’re left handed, start from the right
and work your way to the left. This drawing and all the other Christmas flower
drawings are already in my Redbubble shop so if you want to have a sneak peek, you can
go have a look. There’s also a repeat pattern of the amaryllis,
although I think I’ll alter it a bit for the repeat pattern tutorial video to show you
how you can make it not look like it’s just the same image repeated even if the pattern
is made up of just one image. I also defined the outlines a bit with a mechanical
pencil. I cleaned up any smudges from the white background
and added some highlights with a kneaded eraser. I added some shading on the flower petals
to make them look a bit wrinkled, since they were looking really stiff. I did the darkest shading with a woodless
graphite pencil to add contrast. It just appears a lot more black than any
normal soft pencil I have would. And you can do a great job with proportions
and shading, but without the darkest parts, it often looks there’s something missing so
I try have a little bit of pure white and a bit of black in them to have a wider range
of shades. If you’d like to see the slower version of
the drawing, there will be a real time version soon on my ASMR channel. The ASMR version of last week’s hyacinth drawing
is already up, it’s a 35 min video, I’ll link to a playlist on the video and in the description
so you can easily find all the real time Christmas flower drawing videos once they go live. If you want to see more drawing tutorials,
click on the playlist on the screen. Thanks for watching and see you next week!

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