Altenew September Challenge – Peony Blossom!

hi it’s Therese and I’m here for altenew and this is the September inspiration challenge it’s floral photo
and I thought it would be fun to kind of make a really a busy kind of floral
design and I haven’t used my peony blossom this is one of the Build A
flower sets stamp set very much so I thought I’d give it a go so I’m going to
do things a little bit differently today what I thought I’d try is actually what
I’ve done is die-cut the blossom flowers and some white card stock and I’ve kept
the negative space as my guide so then I’ve lined up the stamps this is using
my Misti because I want to do multiples and I’m not really sure where I’m going
with this card yet so I did make lots of flowers in different colors I actually
mostly just ended up using the more sort of pastel’y ones so this is the pink
diamond ink and I did some tone on tone stamping and they’re the main ones that
I did use end up using in my design but I’ve got lots of flowers for another
card if I want so like I said this is a great way to do multiples and it’s like
a little jigsaw puzzle and the purple that I chose was the deep iris so it’s
quite a dark purple but it does dry a little bit lighter obviously and I
didn’t stamp these purple just wasn’t playing very nicely with me today so I
wasn’t too worried because I knew I was going to be doing lots of flowers I can
easily hide the areas of the stamp that weren’t stamped really well or I could
easily the other thing that I do if it doesn’t stamp perfectly I don’t want to
make it darker by restamping I will come in with a pencil that’s the same
color and just sort of shade the area and you’ll never notice so this is the
second layer of the stamp which kind of they’re not veins more like the shadows on the petals and this is the
tone-on-tone so I’m actually using the pink diamond yet again to add this layer
I did the same with the purple I just used the deep iris for the second layer
as well I most of my images how pretty that is
it’s amazing what a second layer of ink can do how much it can actually change
an ink color so if you haven’t got many inks you can either do second generation
stamping to make it lighter so that means just stamping it off and then re
stamping it again or you can double stamp and that’ll make
it a darker, so you have got lots of options I just wanted to show you here
the small flower doesn’t come with the set there’s only three stamp flowers but
there are four die flowers in this set and the small flower doesn’t come with a
stamp image but that’s easy fixed because I just used the smallest stamp
image over top and you see that that works really well here even though I
didn’t use these particular flowers because I did come in with a
Pinkalicious I think it was for the second layer here I just thought it was
a bit too bright for my design so I didn’t use those in there but I just
thought I’d include that just to show you that even though it doesn’t come
with the layers you can still stamp it out easily the leaves
I made a stack of leaves and there are a three layer leaf and I just did like a
production line style again just kept putting my leaf die-cuts within the
negative space and then layering it up I used the frayed leaf for the base color
the forest glades and then for the third layer I did start off with the evergreen
and I really like the way that these look with that really dark bold vein
that I didn’t actually end up using these in my card I told you it’s a very
ends up being quite a very possibly card and that’s so not my go-to style so it’s
nice to do something out of the comfort zone I did use these leaves however
have second generation stamping on a second generation double stamping I’ll
use the frayed leaf no the forest glades I’m lying to you again forest glades for
the third layer alright so I’ve got a top fold card that I’ve covered with
some pale gray cardstock because when in doubt add grey and I have thanks
it’s a thanks word from the signature words die and I’m gonna be using the
negative space here so it’s a very intricate die and I’ve cut it with some
black cardstock added some adhesive behind my black cardstock and adhered
some pale gray cardstock so basically you’re going to be able to see the
pale grey through as the word but first i want to put the little bits back
into the word so i have temporarily sat the word thanks the die cut within the
negative space added some liquid adhesive i’ve used some matte medium
which is good because I got glue on my card and the good thing about matte
medium is it dries matte so you’re not going to notice that there afterwards
but if I had to used a glossy kind of glue that would have been visible or not
would I had to start again alright so I’ve spent ages sorting out
my card design I have moved these flowers around so many times on
this card front I just thought I’m gonna start adding glue I’m just gonna
have to make the decision about where these flowers are going to go so mostly
I did just adhere them directly to the card front and then lifted up the edges
a little bit I used the tape runner some glue dots
and I did use some foam dots as well so I popped up only really one of the
flowers I think it was because I didn’t want to bulk it out too
much but if I do post this to someone then I will actually put it either in a
padded envelope or add a piece of cardstock over top to protect it so
originally this flower only had one lot of pop dots on the back but I did come
back back in and add some more after and it’s a final embellie I did grab some
black enamel dots and when in doubt always use pale gray cardstock and black
enamel dots and you’re laughing. alright that’s my finished card for today thanks
so much for joining me I hope you’re inspired by this photo and I can’t wait
to see what you create till next time happy papercrafting bye

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