Almond blossom, a surprise in the Quinta de los Molinos Park

One of the most unique and lesser known parks in Madrid by its locals is the Quinta de los Molinos Park. It is located in the east of the city of Madrid, at the end of Calle de Alcala, the longest street in Madrid. Next to the Metro station Suances. This park illustrates some of the ideas of urban planning engineer and architect Cesar Cort, who, for more than 50 years of the last century was to expand and develop this recreational farm as a model of transition from the city to country and is a unique sample of Madrid´s pre-rationalism architecture of the early twentieth century. It occupies more than 20 hectares, many wooded. Among its more than 8,000 trees stand out dozens of rows of almond trees, which give a special charm to this park during the months of February and March, when the almond trees are covered in white flowers, as harbingers of spring. This park is a part of the natural, architectural heritage of the city of Madrid, a fundamental place to visit for lovers of nature and lovely long walks.

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