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  1. Just as a side note, vitamins even when vegan can not be only plant derived as some like B12 are produced by bacteria. <3

  2. The Kate flowers video of yours was the first one I’ve watched. I love both you and Kate! You did so well on the video and both you and Kate were nothing but respectful adults about the situation. I remember reading all the comments that you are addressing. 😊

  3. Personally I love loooong videos (and I know I'm not the only one), so you should not have to apologise for that ❤️ Btw loved both videos ☺️

  4. I thought your video was a great representation of the trials we go through when changing our lifestyles. There's so many mistakes we might go through and it's real life. Certain diets need a totally different mindset and relationship with food. Now you know what you did wrong and can apply a new strategy in the future which can save others from making huge mistakes when taking the plunge. It was wonderful seeing your take on the experience. Kate's recipes are amazing!

  5. I watched the video I loved the “oh I can’t have coffee….” ….*sips coffee* I love coffee too I cannot give up coffee

    Coffee and Cats yay! 💕🐱

  6. Hey!! I read the description of one of your old videos that popped up in my recommended videos. And I was super surprised to see your address said Steinbach. I actually live close to Steinbach and went to the SRSS for high school 😂 such a small world. So ironic!!

  7. It seems like all of the problems people have with better health are from people who are either not from the US or have never had to go without decent insurance. In the US it's very common to not have affordable health care options and people often choose plans that that do not cover things like mental health, vision, dental, infertility, and long term care/rehab.
    Also, when it comes to them not verifying therapists, that's legal jargon you see here all the time. Signing up for a gym membership? The contract will say the gym isn't liable if the treadmill explodes and you die. Renting a house? You are liable for anything that happens to it, including acts of god. Going to an amusement park? The website will say that by buying an admission ticket the park is not liable for any injury on any rides for any reason. Going to a beach where you pay an entry fee? Signs will say swim at your own risk even if there are lifeguards out. This bs rarely holds up in court if there is true negligence at play, but every business does this.

  8. I bought Kate's Ebook and went Vegan SOLELY using her Ebook and it was AWESOME. I could tell she and Mae spent SO much time making everything so delicious. I would love to see you make another video and try again with her ebook.

  9. I think you're a very smart and reasonable person, very considerate and compassionate. 🙂 The only thing I disagree with is you saying you were not promoting anything. You made a video about eating this way and said you felt good and the food was delicious, your only criticism was that you yourself ate too little. To give you an analogy: You cannot say "I don't want to be a role model, so I am not", people choose their role models and especially public figures. So saying "I didn't want to promote anything" doesn't help. You still promoted it.

  10. better help counselors have disappeared on high risk patients without saying a word to them prior.

    like i agree with your responses to most of the criticism, but just because you’ve had a good experience with the company doesn’t mean they aren’t a horrible company to back. just because you’re getting a nice paycheck isn’t a good reason to support them when they’ve put young people in danger.

    as someone with a psych degree i’m honestly disturbed that they’re still allowed to operate.

  11. Which book by Kate Flowers were you pulling it the salad 🥗 from she has a few?? And I would like to try some of her recipes but definitely that one specifically!! It looked so good 👌 much love I'm glad that YouTube recommend your video and I thought it was honest and insightful.

  12. To be completely honest, it sounds like most of the negative comments are coming from people who didn’t watch your entire video and are those type of people who aren’t going to be happy no matter what you do. Don’t waste your time justifying yourself to people who are determined to be miserable.

  13. It really gets frustrating to see so many cases of people and companies being drug through the mud by people who seem have no obligation to provide sources for their "alternate facts" or subject their stories to the type of vigorous fact checking that news programs in most democratic countries are obligated to undergo.
    It is way too easy to find a video, blog, story, post or website that tells us exactly what we want to hear. Aka, what we already believe to be true.
    Sure it feels good to have your ego stroked several times a day but, that doesn't make it healthy.
    We have come to a point where we are almost never confronted with dissenting opinions to our own beliefs.
    It has actually come to the point where many of us are so unfamiliar with the feeling of having someone disagree.with us, we often perceive it as a violent attack and/or hate speech.
    We have been broken into idelogical camps where we exist in our safe little bubbles, and vietually everyone we encounter shares our opinions on virtually everything, and that is toxic.
    When the vote went the "wrong" way according to half the population of the USA, those on the losing side refused to accept the results. They are still scrambling to find someone to blame for causing the vote to go the way it did through illegal means.
    You may say I'm being alarmist when I say this but I firmly believe it to be true, so here goes:
    America has split cleanly into two idealogical camps, with such wildly different opinions on virtually everything, the only path I see in their future, inevitably leads to civil war.
    Don't fool yourselves into thinking it can't happen there. Trust me, it can.
    Remember the Olympic games in Sarajevo Yogoslavi? That peaceful, modern city was virtually abandoned and reduced to rubble within months of the games where they hosted the world in grand style.
    Perhaps it's time to begin hearing the opinions of those in the opposing camp, before it is too late.

  14. This was some genuine content! I actually found the video in question about how you try Kate’s recipes from her fruit flower Facebook group which was received with great positive comments. I’d love to see you try her whole meal plan! You are hysterical keep showing up keep doing these cause you are great! Also I love Kate

  15. As you were talking about the scale portion around 7:00 I kept thinking as a kid I compared myself so much to my other classmates who were 100 lbs 80 lbs and I'm over here like 130 to 140 but it didn't matter to me that I was also about 6 inches taller than them if not more. Their numbers triggered a strong bond or hate with food. So I thank you for not showing the numbers. : )

    Also off that videos and Kate flowers videos I have changed my lifestyle to vegetarian on my way to veganism.

  16. Want to know what I think? I don’t know why ur having all these problems, when u seem very skinny and attractive by the way. lol but ur pretty

  17. I stumbled upon your channel and girl, you're awesome! I did watch the raw vegan diet video, very first of yours to watch, and I highly enjoyed it. It was educational that not everyone will have the same outcome. People are just mean anymore but you're great and I will now def be a regular viewer! Keep kicking ass girl!

  18. Your raw vegan video was the first of your videos I've ever seen and I loooved it! I think most people who were commenting negative things likely commented before the video even ended.. 🙄 anyway from one Canadian to another — love your genuine content and you are absolutely rad as hell! 🌻✌

  19. Totally thought it was a starvation diet. Happy it wasn't and they were just separate recipes and not a meal plan.

    Better help is fine, I've never had an issue with them. I think it might've been some YouTubers were faking mental illness stories to promote it or something.

    Happy you did a video of all the vitamins. That was actually not that many.

  20. Just found your channel! Do you have a video on how to become vegan? Its really been on my heart recently but I’m on a budget and also, I have a shaky relationship with food. So I’m just nervous and need some guidance I suppose.

  21. Okay, I’m only about seven minutes into this but I just wanted to reaffirm how much the blurring of the scales means to me personally. To be honest, I did not watch that video due to the possible triggering nature of the content. As someone who deals with these issues, I try to keep myself away from those types of things. I know my “triggers” – I do hate that word, but it fits – and I know that it’s not up to the creators to censor themselves or their content for my issues but I so appreciate this. I’m happy to say that I will be going back to watch that video as soon as I’m done with this one! Thank you again, Alayna. Much love <3

  22. My issue with Better Help were just that they couldn't help me. Was it because I belong to the LGBTQ? Was it because I don't participate in organized religion? Who actually knows? But when I finally reached a super low low and they told me they couldn't help me, it knocked the wind out of my sails.

  23. i love you!!! I feel like we would be really good friends in real life. Also, I loved your video trying kate's recipies. I've been thinking of buying one and I probably will after having watched that video.

  24. As a bi woman dating a man you are the first person on YouTube or social media in general and I love seeing the representation because it makes me feel like my relationship in conjunction with my sexuality is still valid so thank you. I know that this doesn’t have much of anything to do with this video but since you mentioned it I wanted to thank you

  25. I found your channel through your video trying the diet, and this video made me subscribe to your channel. Seeing the maturity with which you responded to all of the comments that you showed was so amazing, and so different to so much of what I see on this platform!! As someone recovering from an ED, I generally avoid any food-related content on YouTube, which sucks because I do want to learn more about nutrition and taking care of my mind and body at the same time as learning how to reduce my environmental impact, and I am so happy to have found a Youtuber who is so sensitive to this! Also, as a bi woman myself in a relationship with a guy, YES REPRESENTATION!!!! <3 <3 okay, off to go watch the rest of your videos now…

  26. I used Pride Counseling which I believe is the same company as Better Help and LGBT friendly/focused. They are great!

  27. Just saying: it was absolutely about the coffee. When i quit caffeine (and I drank coffee rarely), I had migraine like symptoms between 3rd to 5th day afterwards…

  28. I just need to say.. the "dongle" is called a quick release plate (if you're talking the part that screws onto your camera)

  29. Yes, the protein powder tastes yukky: like fake sugar. Don’t buy the protein powder, it’s a waste of money.

  30. The only controversy I’m aware of in regards to better health is that a YouTube creator was saying that she had been diagnosed to have disordered behaviour via the app. She has a large following that lives to dissect her actions/words and be very hateful towards her so they also dissected the terms of use for better health. And it turned into a giant hoopla of hate.

    I enjoyed this video as well as the previous one. 🙂

  31. Idky but when I watched your vid on how to overcome flight anxiety or something I just love watching your videos 😐

  32. Kirsty Mac the controversy lies in the fact they promote themselves as a professional online affordable therapy service when in reality, what they outline in there terms and conditions is that:
    1. Better help is in no ways a replacement for real therapy an can not be used as a substitute
    2. After the 7 days trial you immediately have to pay the £240 for the month- whether you use it or not (although in some cases refunds are allowed)
    3. There is no guarantee of you’re privacy and they take no responsibility for any information there councillors share online about you
    4. There is no guarantee of a professional councillor- and I know she points this out in the video, but different qualifications are REQUIRED for different mental health issues. Being a councillor and qualified with a masters does in no way qualify or make you capable of practicing effective can’t therapy with your patients
    5. You tubers get paid for promoting this service by money per person who signs up- so they effectively profit of mental health and what they offer in return is no positive or constructive way of getting better- so all in all give no benefit to those with mental health and do not help in promoting its treatment as they’re actually DECREASING the chance these people will get helping, fooling them into thinking ‘better help’ is a viable option.

  33. I dont do vegan, but I really enjoyed the raw video and this video. I also really appreciate the representation of bi gals dating guys, cause theres a lot of hate out there for us

  34. First time I see you;) a curiosity, doesn't vitamin D plus iron give you hella nausea? I am anemic as well, and don't stick to this 'cure' bc of this reason.. tips, if someone has any, are truly appreciated!;)

  35. No one can make everyone happy… That is how we find our tribe! Who vibes together tribes together…. I think you are authentic and enjoy watching you! People find ANY reason to knock others down… I dont get why. I feel like if I can't uplift I zip my lip. Keep being you, promote what makes you happy and know you did your best:)

  36. Love that I saw your Kate flowers video- and especially after this video, I’m definitely subscribing! Love a fellow open minded bi girl 👍🏽

  37. Idk.  I thought you were very clear in your video and I didn't have any problems with what you said or did.  It was the first time you followed something like this.  OH MY GOD!!  YOU"RE HUMAN!  You made mistakes, you DID speak of that in the video (not getting enough calories etc).  I thought your video was good, educational and best of all entertaining.

  38. I actually really enjoyed the video, it was the first one I saw of yours and I thought you explained everything really. You're also a really engaging youtuber! Looking forward to watching more of your videos 🙂

  39. I have a question about better help, when you are trying to receive counseling do you get to see the therapist’s name and what illnesses they are qualified to treat? There are therapists who specialize in a wide variety of mental health issues, and I have first hand experience with receiving help from someone who knew nothing about how to help me yet they chose to keep treating me. Sincerely, a curious commenter. P.s. WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR JEANS I LIVE HERE IN AZ 😻

  40. So, the first video of yours I watched wat the raw vegan one, then this one cos I was curious. Now I'm subbed, and belled. The mindfulness program seems really interesting so I'm hoping by subbing I'll get the info when it's out

  41. I loved you video and because of these to I'm now a subscriber. You mentioned several times about you didn't do it right and not promoting or promoting several times.

  42. People hear what they want to hear. I understood EVERYTHING. You messed up on your calorie intake and you took full responsibility because there were so many other raw foods/snacks you couldve ate. You weren't promoting anything, just sharing your experience with us (some of us are just ungrateful). And you kept explaining in your other video i can't count how many times you said "dont do/i am not". I personally loved this and your other videos. Thanks love 😊

  43. Why are people so obsessed with Fruitarians and RAW-vegans is above my understanding. Where a live a sports nutritionist who contracted TB and just could not get healed (she was then in her early 30's was healed of this debilitating disease just by cutting out cooked food and animal products.) She lived another 50 years just on fruit and smoothies as that was all her body could handle. She wrote two books: one of them was called: "I live on Fruit" and her name was Essie Honiball.
    One of our South African Journalists had an interview with her when she was in her 80's and she told her that she had tonnes of energy and accepted that she couldnt eat food that others ate, which made her sick (i.e. animal products and cooked food) and thrived on Fruit and fruit and veggie smoothies.
    SO PEOPLE SHOULD S-T-O-P PUTTING EVERYONE IN THE SAME BOX. We are all different and if cooked food doesnt gell with my body and I can only live on fruit and raw veggies THEN NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS – THIS IS MY BODY AND I HAVE TO DO WHAT WORKS FOR ME.
    So all you prophets of doom out there. Please put this matter to rest now!!
    Also what Kate Flowers do is fantastic and it helps many people who are otherwise helpless because everyone wants to fit them in a cooked food and sometimes animal products frame which makes them sick and no-one seems to understand them.
    Essie Honiball said the same thing. When she turned Fruitarian she was met by a WAVE of opposition, doctors, scientists everyone said: NO WAY!!! She cant just live on fruit ………even though her body showed positive feedback!!
    So the Kate Flowers, Fully Raw Christina and others like them. If it works for you GO FOR IT!!

  44. Hey alayna, i took a long break from your channel and this corner of youtube in general for quite a while, its nice to see the work you're doing with wellness and diet (I left right as your mindfulness trip first started), as someone coming off a long time wrestling and having to make weight for that its really messed my diet up, since september I have gained and lost around 25 pounds, and generally struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Im experimenting with different options now, and have gotten myself in a better place, but its just nice to have your videos as a resource. While I dont think I could ever go vegan I would be interested in hunting and raising my own animals. Its my sentiment that if you cant bring yourself to prepare meat then you shouldnt be eating it, and I cant really comfortably eat commercial meat knowing what I know about the industry and its effects on the climate as well as just the morals it lacks

  45. I guess some people just did not watch the full Video where you explicitly said that it was YOU making mistakes that raw Vegan Week. So it was not you not being clear enough about that point.
    I think you have been very honest about how your week was. Not judging or promoting or anything.
    I liked your video (first time i ever heard of you) and you have a new subscriber in Germany now 🙂

  46. hi,
    first of all, this is the best video on addressing an exact topic I have ever seen. I can't believe a person can be that well-spoken. (or maybe it's just a good editing and your voice just makes me feel like it) I'm kinda jealous but also very proud of this. luv ya
    second, I'm (not) sorry but sometimes people are just weird. and stupid. and the only thing they want is to make drama because they are sooooo messy inside that all they see is a drama, an inconvenience or a scam. they don't want to actually listen, they just hear things and then make weird drama shit out of that. and it's not your fault because every time you talk about a topic, you explain why you think like that and what made you to make a certain conclusion. fuck those people, keep promoting Better Help, people need it. you are awesome, please (like, really fucking please) keep making content and keep it up. you rock!
    ~ Dan, your truest fan from a small country in Northern Europe called Latvia
    p.s. I wanted to make this in the form of a letter because I felt like it
    p.s.s I'm really surprised about my ability to speak proper English right now (it's the second foreign language I speak fluently)

  47. I'm really sad, I tried to sign up for betterhelp, but they emailed me back and said online therapy wouldn't suite me ):

  48. There are some people who will always complain, no matter what. They don't feel as though anyone should be a paid promoter as there's absolutely no way to be unbiased. I can agree that it's incredibly difficult to distance oneself from a fact that they have any type of relationship with a sponsor. But the fact that you were completely upfront about it, explained your relationship and everything about you is so clearly sincere and unadulterated, the comments complaining about Better Help speak about the commenter's character and have nothing to do with you or yours. I think they are also somewhat jealous of the fact that you are earning paid sponsorships. It's unrealistic to expect people to produce content for free however.

    Random comment, you remind me of the actress Cynthia Stevenson. You look and sound like her, although you are of course much younger.

  49. I thought all the comments were useful for clarification. I don't think anyone was that bad about your video.

  50. I love how positive you are during this video. You may not like confrontation, but you handle it very well. 🙂

  51. Regarding as to whether your were clear or not in your last video.. You couldn't have possibly been more clear. People just need a reason to point fingers & bitch. I don't eat vegan or raw but I love your videos.

  52. Sorry raw vegans…. the coffee thing. Ya lost me. No coffee… no way. Just. No. Nope. Not going to happen. Just the thought makes me want to put a blanket over my head and hide from you.

  53. Re: Better Help. I am a regular ass person who has used Better Help. I found it extremely helpful and I had a great therapist. It helped me get my life back when I was in a place where I could barely leave my apartment. I even received EDMR treatment which is a fantastic treatment and one I had never been exposed to. They had some unfortunate wording in their terms of service that I believe has been modified. As far as individual therapists, it's very much finding one that suits you, just like any other counselor you would see in person.
    Alayna, I'm happy to have found your videos again. I must have gotten unsubscribed somewhere along the way, but I'm happy to be back!

  54. I’m glad all that sunk in eventually. Long time vegan and I have done raw vegan for a number of months, and it was not a problem. It takes time to get used to… but totally doable and you feel amazing and as a long time swimmer going raw gave me amazing energy.

  55. Firstly … HI! I just discovered your channel and I love it 🙂 You are so calm and chill — and funny ha-ha! Secondly, I have to agree with a lot of comments below — I feel like a lot of people either skimmed your video or didn't watch it, because you explained a lot of the things already. I thought it was a VERY well done video! You didn't blame the diet — just gave the facts. And as someone who's struggled with body image issues and knows SO many people feeling the same way, I thought you blurring out the weight was a smart move. So thank you for this lovely video. Side Note — Also live in Canada and man … when I try these things and my bill is way more? It's so sad 🙁

  56. Im new! I watched your Kate video too and I honestly loved it and this. Also, yay Bi person dating a guy <3 Would you do it again? (right this time) lol. Also, I love Kate too <3

  57. I don’t have disordered eating but I do hate my weight on the scale. I think it was very considerate of you to blur yours since you obviously in great shape. It would be triggering for some people’s self-esteem.

    Good on you for sticking up for skate because she’s the only raw vegan on here I’ve seen who eats a balanced raw diet. It’s very easy to mess it up so negative people just can’t wait to jump on people like you to criticize.

  58. U are amazing .I am a Kate fan and now a u fan as well . U did an awesome job with that video. Thank u for inviting me into your home.i am looking forward to watching your other videos. Hugs

  59. When I first started a regular vegan diet I really struggled with eating enough calories, when you're used to eating a certain way and then change it takes time to adapt

  60. I personally had some skepticism about the raw vegan diet before I watched your video, but your video made me consider it. However, I personally don't agree with using online therapy sources unless I can see the certifications from those therapists, and even then I have some hesitation. I'd rather jump through hoops with my insurance (which I have done A LOT and still am) and know that I'm making positive changes with a licensed therapist than take my chances with a sketchy source

  61. For anyone that wants to try some of her recipes before buying the ebook, Kate does have several available online for free.
    (Sorry, I thought the Caesar salad was included there, but I guess it's not)
    I love the teriyaki stir fry, though we do make some changes to it for our needs, preferences, and what is available locally. We make it with jasmine rice & warm the veggies some (steaming but not yet any wilting). Also we use bok choy instead of bean sprouts & local maple syrup from my friend's farm instead of monk fruit. Occasionally, we'll add baked chicken to it (per my spouse's request).

  62. Better health also got a glowing review from you-tuber Caroline's RV Life. She used it and highly recommened it. I feel if you tried it and it worked for you,you have every right to say so. Good video. Cheers!

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