A TOTALLY DIFFERENT DISNEYLAND PARIS?? | What Disneyland Paris could have looked like

hi guys today we are going to show you
what Disneyland Paris could have looked like. And we can tell you it’s way
different. You might think that when Disney decides
to build a new Disneyland Park they choose to create an exact copy of the
original in California. Mainstreet USA with the cute houses a tram, pulled by horses,
going up and down the street, and of course at the end of Mainstreet the
beautiful Disneyland castle. it’s a formula that never gets old and which proved itself to be successful. It would be easy for Disneyland to copy and paste this formula all over the world, but the opposite is true. In fact, Disneyland Paris was
supposed to set in an entirely different era and also have a completely different
Mainstreet USA than all of the other Disneyland parks Most of the Disneyland parks have a turn-of-the-century style Mainstreet, based on Marceline Missouri. For Disneyland Paris the Disney Imagineers had something else in mind. The Roaring
Twenties with outlaws, gangsters, cinema, jazz music and speakeasies. All based on the
1920 and 1930 films depicted in New York and Chicago. The whole story about what Disneyland Paris could have looked like, comes from Mr. Sotto. He was an Imagineer for Disney
and he was one of the developers for Disneyland Paris and his name is here on
the wall. Eddie Sotto wanted something
different for Disneyland Paris. The
Imagineers thought that the Europeans were too familiar with the Victorian
style. In the USA houses from the Victorian time are rare, but in Europe
entire streets from the Victorian era are quite common. That’s why the
Imagineers thought to create a surrounding that would trigger the
imagination of the Europeans: The America through the eyes of the Europeans. With slapstick humour gangsters and non-violent speakeasies Right now in Mainstreet USA, every building is a different shop in Victorian style. If they would have gone with the 1920’s or 1930’s style of America, in every shop would reflect the different immigrant. There would be an elevated tramtrack going above the streets and you would be able to look inside the shop of this immigrant, to see what they sell, what they are doing and also where they came from. The tram would go through Main Street and exit
Mainstreet towards Discoveryland. There would be an exit and you would enter the city of the future. The only thing left of that idea is the theming in the Disneyland Paris Arcade. Although they altered that idea from the 1920’s to the the Victorian time. What we see here is an idea of what the Victorians think of the future. And here are some
inventions that the Victorian did. New York doesn’t look like this in 2000. The mainsquare would have looked very different if the 1920’s plan would have
sticked. Did you know that Walt’s An American Restaurant was originally planned to become a speakeasy? Guests would enter the building by thinking it’s a flower shop. But then walls would turn to reveal a
Cotton Club style jazz hotspot. The flower shop never was, and Walt’s Restaurant came instead, however the name of the streets still reminds us of
the flower store turns Cotton Club idea. There would be a trainstation which you
would exit into Discoveryland. And then the train itself would loop
back in front of the castle into Mainstreet. So what you’re saying
is we could have had a Peoplemover? Yes. Keeping up with the 1920’s theme, there would be cars. And what do you need for a car? A car service station! This would have been a servicestation. Gaspumps and a garage. The only thing that’s left of this idea is in the clothing store down Mainstreet: Main Street Motors. As you could see in the concept art it
was a service station for cars. This is what they did with it in real life here
in Disneyland Paris. All bits and pieces from an old car. Spare
sparkplugs and tires, loads en loads of tires. And a tin can from General Electric, the company founded by Edison. GE was once one of the sponsors of the
Carousel of Progress in Walt Disney World. Another remnant of the concept art is the picture of the garage over here, service station and the garage doors. If everything would be 1920’s in Disneyland Paris Than the Disney Princesses
should be dressed like that too, right? In the Disneyland Hotel shop they give us an idea of what the
princesses would be wearing if the 1920s theme would actually went through. Another idea of Eddie Sotto was, a cinavision theater. With big wide screens and as far as we can tell from the article, it would be situated over here. In the
renderings we found in the article on blogspot, there was a limousine. And the limousine was
in front of the theater and in front of the service station. The limousine was here in Disneyland Paris, but alas it’s gone now. Another very remarkable thing they kept
from the 1920’s concept art are the signs on the roof. Especially above MainStreet
Motors this is still very visible. The Imagineers created a forced perspective
of distant buildings by putting signs on the roof. When you look at the facades a
little longer you’ll notice that they designed different roofs, to create depth.
And there’s more. They also used a clever trick to make us believe that the
buildings are bigger than they actually are. This building for example looks like
it’s three stories high, but in reality it might not even be two stories. By
building the facades in a certain perspective and putting the windows on
well-thought positions, from MainStreet it seems as if these houses are very tall. In reality however, you would have to bend your knees, to be able to look
through the window of the second floor. So it’s not as big as you might think. The 1920’s idea eventually was declined. Eddie Sotto believes it would have been
a better design for Disneyland Paris and he claims that also Michael Eisner
agreed with him. However it seems that eventually declining the design was both
a creative issue as a financial issue due to the higher costs of building a 1920’s MainStreet. A lot has happened here in Disneyland Paris
over the last 25 years. And even before those 25 years a lot has happened too, to make this Park a reality. So if you like this video, please give it a thumbs-up! Like, subscribe.
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