8 Floral and Animal-Themed Accessories You Need This Spring | What’s Trending | Etsy

Hey, guys! Who’s ready for spring? I am! And guess what? When you need those spring jewelry
and accessory trends, I got you! Make sure that you click the links below
if you like what you see and don’t forget to subscribe! Signet rings, guys! These are hot, hot, hot,
and especially this one. It blew up on our Instagram feed
and we are loving it. Now what’s great about these is that you have
a lot of different options. You can go botanical, like this one,
you can go vintage, or you can have it personalized. Headbands! I’m dying. Dying, because Isabella looks so cute. It’s so easy for you to do! All you have to do is wear
a crisp white top like she’s doing, add some hoops, toss the hair up,
put the headband, cute! Preserved flowers, anyone? BAM! Don’t they look so good? Isabella, how long
did they take you to do? – About three seconds.
– About three seconds? Get your springtime, preserved flowers,
metallic nail baby on! Yes! Maximalism.
My favorite. Peep these! It’s about mixing colors, mixing textures,
having fun, don’t be afraid! Toss out the dainty! Go big or go home. Raw stones. They’re beautiful, they’re colorful,
they are meant for stacking. Whether a bracelet or rings,
talk about maximalism, right? Alright guys, let’s slow it down a bit
and introduce my new friend: the sloth. That’s right, the sloth is the new llama. It is the “it” animal of 2019. These pins are fantastic
because you can add them to denim jackets, to a lapel… have fun. Triple name necklaces, guys! I love them. They are absolutely wonderful
for showing off everyone you love. Whether it’s your family,
your girl squad, your pups, whatever. I’m here with my girl, Danica,
and she is rocking the ’90’s trend. I am loving these butterfly clips. They remind me of my old clips
but more whimsical and pretty. I love them also
because they come in a pack of six which allows you
to play with them, get fun. Go one butterfly,
go six butterflies, go crazy. Thanks so much for watching, guys. I hope I inspired you. Get your spring accessory shopping on! If you’re interested,
you can click all the links below. Don’t forget to subscribe
and see you next time, y’all!

6 thoughts on “8 Floral and Animal-Themed Accessories You Need This Spring | What’s Trending | Etsy

  1. Gorgeous accessories but GIRL! Your satin-y emerald dress is on point! Can you please PLEASE link me to this piece. If it’s handmade, I would love to know where this fabric came from 😍😍😍

  2. Etsy = ARNAQUE. J'ai passé une commande sur 6 boutiques différentes et une seule m'a livré. Aucun remboursement.

  3. I have found this page on Etsy. They are great! They can create new jewelry designs for you if you ask https://etsy.me/2PgyMTq

  4. How to Edit Mockup Online – no software required on your computer


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