7 Wrestler You Didn’t Know Are Still Employed by WWE

WWE superstars come and go and a lot are ultimately
forgotten. Even some current WWE superstars have faded
away into obscurity, and nobody would blame you for thinking they’ve just up and left. However, many people you think are long gone
are actually still with the company, so here are 7 wrestlers you didn’t know are still
employed by WWE! You may have caught him briefly during a WWE
PPV, but most probably don’t know that Japanese superstar Funaki is still with the company. Funaki wrestled during the Attitude Era as
part of a memorable all-Japanese stable before going solo. After ultimately being released in 2010, Funaki
would do some work with WWE in Japan before finding his way to the Japanese commentary
team full time to cover PPVs, and from what I can tell, he’s doing a great job. Unless you keep up with your backstage wrestling
news, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that Paige is no longer with WWE. Since an injury and two Wellness Policy violations,
Paige has yet to make a return to TV. Her career was kind of heading downhill in
WWE, and after all the drama surrounding her relationship with Alberto Del Rio, many people
thought she would just be released, but to this day Paige is still employed by WWE. For what it’s worth, Paige has talked about
possibly transitioning to MMA in the near future. Another superstar who has seemingly disappeared
after a Wellness Policy violation, Eva Marie is one wrestler a lot of people probably wish
wasn’t employed by WWE. After the violation and resulting suspension,
Marie has gone on to film a movie and is yet to return. Despite making some adjustments to her character
and improving her wrestling ability, most fans still weren’t fond of the budding actress. However, Eva is still under contract and should
eventually make her return to WWE. Tamina Snuka never really made a huge splash
in WWE, and because of that has seemingly faded away. She is a former Divas Champion and was a part
of the Women’s Revolution, but hasn’t really been seen around since then. Honestly, I totally forgot about Tamina myself. Tamina is currently signed to the SmackDown
roster so she could come back anytime, but I don’t know where she would fit in the
current landscape of the Women’s division. After the legendary Dudley Boyz left WWE,
they decided to hit up the indies as they had in the past. However, after just a short while, D-Von Dudley
returned to WWE, but not in the way you think. In late 2016, D-Von confirmed that he is working
for WWE in a “backstage capacity”. I’m not sure exactly what he’s doing,
but he has a lot of valuable knowledge about wrestling so I’m sure he’s being put to
good use. Eve Torres was never a great wrestler. In fact, she was much better in her managerial
role in WWE, so it’s no surprise the company kept her on in some capacity. After leaving in 2012, she got married to
Rener Gracie, took up BJJ and Self-Defense, and opened her own business. In 2014, Eve would return as an “Ambassador”
for WWE, meaning she makes periodic public appearances for the company, and is still
signed to this day. Honorable mentions go to Jack Swagger, Sin
Cara, Summer Rae, and the recently re-signed Kelly Kelly. Scotty 2 Hotty is a fan favourite superstar. His lively persona, crazy dance moves, and
amazing finishing move will forever be remembered by WWE fans, but many probably don’t know
he’s still with the company. After working the indies for a while, Scotty
would make his return to WWE under the NXT banner, working at the WWE Performance Center. Though not a master in the ring by any means,
Scotty was a decent overall superstar who has a lot to offer to young, developing talent. His experience alone is an invaluable asset
to up-and-coming wrestlers, so it’s awesome he landed this job with WWE. And those are 7 wrestlers you didn’t know
are still employed by WWE. If you enjoyed this video, then maybe give
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catch you in the next one!

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