5 FREE transition presets – Stretch, Bloom, Luma, Pixelization and Drawing (Transition pack #7)

[Music] Hello creative filmmakers, thanks
for watching Orange83. It is time for another Premiere Pro
transition preset pack. This preset pack is 100% free to download
and it includes the following transitions: Number 1, the RGB Bloom transition. The next one on the list
is the RGB Stretch transition, and number 3 is the Luma Fade. Next, we’ve got the Drawing Lines transition, and the last one is the Mosaic,
or Pixelation transition. This preset pack improves and replaces
some of my older presets and it also includes a few new ones. In this video I’ll show you how to import,
how to use and how to adjust them. Before we head over to Premiere I want to quickly tell you about the
sponsor for this video, videvo.net. If you’re looking for some great free
stock video, then look no further. Videvo offers thousands of free downloadable
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links in the video description. Ok, let’s quickly start by showing you the Sellfy
page where you can download the presets. If you follow the link in the video description,
you will get to a similar page like this. Like I mentioned, this pack
is absolutely free to download. But if you want to buy me a cup of coffee,
which is highly appreciated, you can enter any amount here. And after that, you can click on Buy Now
and you will get to the checkout screen. In there, you need to select your country
and also enter a valid email address. And after that, you will get the
download link sent to you by email. And that’s it, time to head over
to Premiere. Inside Premiere go to the Effects Panel
and right-click on the preset section. Then select Import Presets and select
the preset file that you just downloaded. And after importing you’ll find Transition
Pack #7 inside the Orange83 bin. Now let’s apply the presets
to the clips on the timeline. Applying presets is very easy and it’s
all the same for each individual transition. You just need two clips on one track
on the timeline next to each other. Then, the first step is placing the time
indicator right between the two clips. And, if necessary, zoom in to
make sure that you center it correctly. Then move a few frames back,
in this case 15 frames, and then cut the video track into parts. You can do this with the Razor tool. Enable the Razor tool by
clicking the C key, or click this icon here in the menu. And then simply left-click
to cut the track. Then move back to the center and then
forward the exact number of frames that you used for the previous clip. And also cut that clip in two parts. By the way, you can skip frames by
using the arrow keys on your keyboard and if you combine them with the
Shift key you will skip 5 frames. It’s also important to know that you can use
any number of frames for the transition, as long as they are equal
on both sides. Just pick the duration that fits best
with your footage. The preset will scale or stretch out over
the entire length of the cut off part. Now you can switch back to the Selection tool
by hitting the V key or click this icon here. We can now apply the presets
to the parts that we just cut off. Inside the Presets bin you’ll find
an IN and OUT version for each type of transition. The OUT or outro version of the preset
should be applied to the first clip. The IN or intro version should be
applied to the second clip. So, for this example we’re going
to use the RGB Stretch transition and we’re going to apply them
to the clips on the timeline. I will start by adding the OUT
part to the first clip. and then I will add the IN part
to the second clip. And there we’ve got our transition. If this line is red and the playback
is not smooth enough, then you first need to render the footage. You can do this by hitting the Enter key
and Premiere will start rendering. And after rendering, this line should be green
and it also should play back a lot smoother. If you want to stick to the defaults of my
presets, then you’re done at this point. Now, in case you want to adjust
one of the presets, you can simply go to the
Effects Control Panel and there you can change all
the settings to the applied effect. You could play around with the values, or you
could change the keyframes to change timing. The options are endless and I’m looking
forward to see your version. And that’s it for this transition
preset tutorial. Like I told you, it’s very easy. I hope you enjoyed this video and
I would love to hear your thoughts about the transitions
in the comments below. You can also let me know
by giving a video a like or dislike in case you didn’t like it. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks again for watching and I hope
to see you back soon for more. See you next time on Orange83. [Music]

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