4 Easy DIY GIFT ideas for DIWALI |#Handmade #Craft #GiftCard #Anaysa #DIYQueen

Have this money… and Buy Diwali Gifts for all our relatives you know new video is live on DIY Queen they make us learn diy gifts that even I’ll make them so easily so easily Will make the gifts at cheaper price and the remaining money is all mine what’re you thinking about.?? You’ve to bring Diwali gifts sure Mummy..I’ll buy… don’t know about this girl…smiling for no reason… can’t tell her the secret of my happiness but will surely tell you so get this video to 1,00,000 Likes and enjoy my ideas see this pouch… you know its available online at Rs. 15,000 but we’ve made it under 100/- only so to make it we need cut this fancy cloth in two equal halves now cut Bakram of same size and paste on the back side of the fabric cut it to give the shape as per your choice now take this lace put it over the fabric like this and make it stitched from inside stitched one more lace over it and stitch both of these together also fold the fabric from upside and stitch insert the dori in it and stitch the latkan at the dori’s end and our designer pouch is ready for beauty shots this type of dry fruit box available in market at higher prices s now let’s make it for this we need any old box cut card boards and make them cover with card sheets likewise cover the box too now just need to fix these Cardboad so our box is ready to keep the dry fruits you can also put small bits of paper to make its base now just cover it with a poly sheet now let’s make an handle for it so let’s take a card board for it and any of your favourite fabric set all these things as shown in the video and paste this handle on the box now let’s make it more beautiful paste the lace all around the box and these artificial flower on its handle now let’s make this chocolate bouquet for this we need wrap chocolates using this paper and then cover it with a net secure it with a rubber band likewise wrap more chocolates take paper sheets and cut them this way keep folding the paper & wrap the chocolates and open it like this to give it a sun flower shape secure this too with a rubber band likewise I’ve covered all the chocolates now take a plastic basket now cut the left over papers in small pieces and fill them in the basket put some bits of silk thread too decorate all the chocolate flowers in the basket like this cut the green paper in leaf shape take acrylic paint and make veins on the leaf fix the leaves all around the basket like this and we’re done with our chocolate bouquet now lets make a greeting card for diwali for this we need cut the sheets in different sizes make an inch mark and then fold like these likewise increase half inch marking on the remaining sheets fold and paste make an heart shape using card sheet decorate it with glitter to make it more beautiful likewise make some more heart paste these hearts over the box like this paste two paper sheet to make its base so that it’ll get sticks well to our greeting card likewise make some more designs here I’ve made diyas

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