[360 5K] The Cherry blossoms of Shakujii Kawa – Tokyo – 石神井川

Note : To enjoy this video fully in full screen mode, make sure to zoom out by using the scroll down button on your mouse. We have to admit it, have an obsession with Shakujii Kawa during the cherry blossom period and we decided again this year to shoot not only another video there but also, this uniquely immersive video was made to be enjoyed on your PC, smartphone or VR Set! Enjoy! Tokyo counts many gorgeous cherry blossom/sakura spots that are all worth your time and attention if you do not mind the bustling crowds. Away from the masses are quiet locations known by photographers and sakura specialists. There is a 2km long sakura wonderland that will blow your mind with its beauty and its total lack of tourists. Behold Shakujii Kawa! Thanks to its ultra-dense collection of sakura, its river and many bridges, Shakujii Kawa is by far, taking into account the gorgeous blossoms along Naka-Meguro River, the most beautiful place to enjoy the sakura season in Japan! And to make things even more enjoyable Shakujii Kawa is strangely ignored by both foreign and local tourists alike!

13 thoughts on “[360 5K] The Cherry blossoms of Shakujii Kawa – Tokyo – 石神井川

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  2. I saw your video from last year on that place, and it just only 20 minute by walk form where i am now. I went two days, by day and by night. And it's probably one of the sakura spot i most enjoyed. No crowd, i took some really good picture there ! Thank you !

  3. Je ne suis pas fan de vidéo VR car ça me rappelle les vidéo début 2000 en 360p (quand on visionne en 1080p) 🙁
    Par contre je me suis bien amusé à chercher Charlie :
    1:47 coucou derrière l'arbre, ouf le vélo n'a pas heurté la caméra
    2:11 à 3:44 coucou derrière l'angle du grillage
    7:25 à 7:53 coucou en bas de l'escalier
    Bon maintenant, je vais tester en 2880, mais je crains que ma connexion ne soit pas d'accord.

  4. I don't know if I have a bug, but 4K or 5K looks for me like 360p.
    That looks so bad 🙁

  5. Considering what I've already seen in Tokyo, that place looks like a small secluded paradise from the hustling and bustling of Tokyo.

  6. моя сад скоро цвести сакура, персик, абрикос, черешня, вишня, слива… становиться красиво рассвет раннее утро… цвета – волшебство… моя глубоко дзен красота ощущать…

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