2019 Bullet Journal Set Up | Floral & Minimalist

Hello again I hope that you are doing
well and had wonderful moments in 2018 because we are going to step in 2019 in
no time. This is my second bullet journal but my
first video about setting up a new bullet journal, so without further do
let’s do it! First of all I bought these journals from Amazon and I’ll put a link
below, it came in two journals. Black leather imitation hardcover with an
elastic secure band. On the back it has a pocket to store up some papers and
stickers. The front page is also a thick paper which I haven’t come with an idea
what to write on maybe I’ll put my name nicely on it. The quality paper is really
good oh by the way is smaller than an a5 only a tiny difference
the pages are dotted and thick For my first page I wrote down a quote
as a reminder to be consistent and never give up on doing anything. Then I drew
some wild flowers and plants around to make a nice frame. To finish I closed the
frame with my gold gellyroll pen and colored some plants. And that’s for the
first page a quote from Confucius “It does not matter how slowly you go as
long as you do not stop.” Continue to the next page
I did a 2019 calendar I did on pencil before to avoid mistakes. I keep it
simple but still embellished. I need this calendar as it will help me
to check in advance important dates. At the bottom I added a line of wild
plants and I also mixed a touch of gold to put color on it. On the right side it’s like a future log
it’s practical since I have the calendar just on the left so on this section I’ll
write down important days like travel departures, birthdays, parties, events etc Move on the next page
my 2019 goals, as you have noticed I only putblack and gold as colors. I want to
keep my intro bullet journal simple and minimal. “Setting goals is the first step
in turning the invisible into the visible.” -Tony Robbins.
I decided to put this quote as I looked back on my 2018 goals I wrote down some
and then when I accomplished one it made me proud and on the contrary when I
didn’t reach a goal it makes me want to work harder to get it. So writing down
really helps and make things real. Places I went, on 2018 was full of traveling and
discovering places. “Travel is the healthiest addiction” but it’s also the
spending that makes you richer. I drew a ripped sticky notes around the
quote as if it is an old quote that I want to keep it preciously. Then I put
some washi tape on it and lastly some drop shadow. Lastly is my wishlist and saving page.
This is a new thing for me I never write down anything like this, it’s quite the
same idea as a goal list. I added a saving tracker to make my
purchasing project more real and it’s also a way to organize my saving. So that’s it for my 2019 bullet journal set
up! I left the right page blank for another
eureka page or project maybe. I personally love my set up and the style
as well. What do you think? Let me know on the comment section below. Thank you so
much for watching see you soon and bye bye

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