2018 Tokyo first Cherry blossoms (Kawazuzakura) – Tokyo – 河津桜 – 4K Ultra HD

The 2018 Sakura season began on March 17th. These Kawazuzakura in Tokyo, along the Tamagawa river, are in full bloom! Even better, Japanese media has announced that other varieties of cherry trees are also starting to bloom all around Tokyo and we expect to have them in full bloom around 10 days from now! While we will do our best this year again to film some of Japan’s best sakura, please enjoy this almost 7-minute long video of Japan’s most famous Kawazazakura!

19 thoughts on “2018 Tokyo first Cherry blossoms (Kawazuzakura) – Tokyo – 河津桜 – 4K Ultra HD

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  2. I love Japan beautiful 😙😗😍😙😗😍🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵

  3. Thank you for this video! 😀
    spring never seems to arrive in my country, we still have a lot of snow and low degrees, so this really pumped up my mood. Now I can't wait until the cherry tree in our yard starts to bloom ^^

  4. De trop gros doigts… Je ne vois que cela comme explication. De trop gros doigts qui appuient sans le vouloir sur le pouce rouge au lieu du pouce bleu. À moins que ce soit le smartphone qui soit trop petit. Je ne vois que cela pour expliquer les inexplicables pouces rouges.

  5. Superbe…. (Et pas un bruit de la civilisation humaine !)
    Cela arrive tranquillement en Ile de France.
    Hier par contre, ils étaient sous la neige, aïe !

  6. Nice to see spring flowers, especially the Cherry tress. We have had a cold March on the US east coast. No Cherries blooming here yet, in fact we're getting a foot of snow tonight and tomorrow.

  7. Amazing video quality . Finally found true quality 4K videos and without the crap music just the natural sounds . Subbed

  8. The cherry blossoms in full bloom has the strange power which relieves the tension at the heart ,
    heals worrying feeling and purifies a stagnant soul .

    From Tokyo where there are all kinds of comfortable Japan
    Which national are you watching this video ?

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