20 Style Tips On How To Wear Floral Skirts In The Winter

1. The easiest way to make any floral skirt cold weather appropriate is to tuck in a cozy sweater and add tights and ankle boots. For extra warmth, layer with another shirt and let the collar peak out. 2. If you can manage without tights, adding over-the-knee boots is a really cute look. You can also front tuck a slouchy sweater and add a belt to pull everything together. 3. Need something a little bit more professional? A floral pencil skirt looks great with a simple top, ankle boots, and a fur vest for warmth. 4. Another way to make a floral skirt more professional is to add a fitted blazer, black tights, and black ankle boots. 5. A cute hat pulls together your look quickly and easily – and it keeps you warm! 6. A cropped sweater was basically made for a high-waisted floral skirt. Make your look less feminine by adding edgy boots, like combat boots or Dr. Martens. 7. A bulky sweater can easily overwhelm a floral skirt. To keep your look more polished, try front tucking the sweater. This keeps it from bunching around the waist, while giving your look an effortless vibe. 8. A lot of people avoid full floral skirts because they can look very dressed up. This is a perfect example of how to make it more casual. Add gold flats or Oxford shoes, a cozy knit scarf, and a fitted cardigan. 9. Another way to wear your skirt with Oxford shoes is to pick a more neutral pair. Add tights, a simple top, a hat, and a long coat. It’s an easy outfit anyone can pull together, and it still looks really cute. 10. You don’t even need a floral skirt to create some of these looks. Layer a loose, cropped sweater over a floral dress to make it look like a skirt. Put on some tights, cool ankle boots, and a long necklace, and you’re good to go. 11. A long cardigan is the perfect layer for a floral skirt because it keeps you warm and looks great. Accessories like lace-up boots and a belt with gold hardware pull the outfit together so it’s not too slouchy. 12. Maybe your style is a little more unique and offbeat. If you want to wear your floral skirt in a different way, try one of these things: buttoning up a fitted cardigan, then tucking it in, or wearing ankle socks in a different color than your tights and pull them up. Or do what this girl did, and try both at once! 13. Yes, you can even make a floral midi skirt work for the winter. This one looks surprisingly awesome with a slouchy knit sweater and black tights. Add sleek heeled ankle boots to keep the outfit from being very frumpy. 14. You definitely don’t need to stick with black tights for your floral skirts. Part of what makes this outfit look so cute is that the tights are a fun color. Adding pointed flats and a delicate lace shirt are easy ways to look extra feminine. 15. Maybe you’re going somewhere fancy and want to be more dressed up. This outfit is a perfect example of how to do that: wear a floral midi skirt with a fitted sweater tucked in, pretty heels, and a bold handbag. 16. Another way to skip tights with your skirt: wear a knit sweater, then pair cozy socks with heels. It’s definitely a different look, but it’s so fun. 17. A floral pencil skirt that hits at midi length can be a tough piece to pull off. Add a leather jacket and socks that peak out of ankle boots to keep it from looking too “old” or feminine. 18. Floral maxi skirts are not just for summer! Make yours warm by adding a chambray shirt, a long cozy cardigan, boots, and a beanie. This has a very boho vibe that will still keep you comfortable. 19. This look reminds me of Zooey Deschanel: quirky, feminine, and fun. Wear a full floral skirt with a plain sweater, then add tights and riding boots. A beanie is always a welcome addition. 20. This kind of layered look was literally made for cold weather. Wear your skirt with a comfy sweater, a beanie, tights, and knee socks over tights. Oxford shoes keep this look a little bit preppy.

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