(2) Felt Flowers #DIY – How to Make Chrysanthemum Felt Flower – Tutorial Felt (English Sub)

Hi! Welcome to S Nuraeni channel. Channel that offers a variety of attractive felt flower tutorials That you can practice. Don’t go anywhere. Stay tune… If you find it useful. Please support! By clicking the SUBSCRIBE button below. And activate the notification bell so you will not miss the other attractive felt flower tutorials. How to make chrysanthemum felt flowers. DIY felt filler flowers. Ok, let’s start… Cut the corners to form a circle. Divide into 16 parts. Cut the corners. Like this. This is a piece of felt fabric. The length is 75 cm. And the width is 5 cm. Divide into 3. Cut from half the width. Cut sideways to 2/3 of it. Cut without break. With a width of approximately 0,7 cm each piece. Cut the corners. To form the chrysanthemum felt flower petals. Give glue in the middle of the piece. Then bend and pres the felt fabric. Make it curve with a little pull. Do the same thing with the other part. Give glue at the bottom. And roll the felt chrysanthemum flower petals to the wire. This is the rest of the felt fabric. Put in the arch of the petals. Then give glue on the edges. And stick with the petals. Wrap the tissue to the wire. Then wrap with floral tape. Finished. Thank you for watching. See you later in another tutorial. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE…

12 thoughts on “(2) Felt Flowers #DIY – How to Make Chrysanthemum Felt Flower – Tutorial Felt (English Sub)

  1. Wow, fantastico, più realistico di così è impossibile! Super brava Nuraeni! Sei grande, davvero bello! Ciao

  2. Saya selalu mengikuti tutorial bunga bunga yg di buat mba nur, dan saya sangat terinspirasi lho mba, boleh ngga aku riqwes bunga Alamanda terima kasih

  3. Mbk klo bikin bunga itu semuanya pke flanel akrilik? Soalnya aq bru tau ada flanel akrilik. Aq biasanya belinya flanel aja. Yg kotak udah di potong2 itu.

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