10 Stunningly Beautiful English Words

Hello everyone and welcome back to English with lucy I got a nice relaxing video for you today I’m going to talk about ten words in English language that I find exceptionally beautiful Let’s get started The first word is ” Demure ” (x2) And it means : shy or reserved She gave him a demure smile The next word is “elision” (x2) Elision is the omission of a sound or syllable
If you want to speak fluently, it’s important to learn to use elision Number three is “effervescent” (x2) And “effervescent” means bubbly or fizzy
This wine is effervescent Word number 4 It isn’t commonly used nowadays but I really love this one It’s ” Inglenook” (x2) It’s a partly closed space located near a fire So you can sit near the opened fire and receive the warmth My dream is to have a house with an inglenook Word number five is “lagoon” (x2) A lagoon is an area of sea, separated from the rest of the water by sand and rocks Many fish live in this lagoon Word number six is “lithe” Lithe means young, healthy, attractive, and able to move and bend smoothly Ballet dancers have lithe bodies Word number seven is ” mellifluous ” (x2) And this is an adjective meaning having a pleasant and flowing sound He had a deep mellifluous voice Word number eight is “opulent” (x2) And this is an adjective meaning expensive and luxurious She lives an opulent lifestyle Word number nine is ”quintessential” (x2) This is an adjective meaning being the most typical or important part of something Watermelon is the quintessential fruit on a hot summer’s day And a final word is ”serendipity” (x2) And this is the act of finding interesting or valuable things by chance We stumbled into it through serendipity All right guys, those were your ten beautiful English words. I would love to hear the word that you find beautiful So please put them in the comments below If you like the video, don’t forget to share it and connect with me on all of my social media

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