10 Facts to Grow Coleus in Water

In the name of ALLAH, today video topic is 10 Facts to Grow Coleus in Water today we will talk about the facts why we grow coleus in water we grow coleus in water to start its rooting its best rooting starts in water this is my coleus which is growing in water coleus starts its rooting fast in water while its cuttings take time to root in the soil if we plant its cuttings in the water they start rooting soon when we plant coleus in water then there is no need to give water to coleus plant and this also minimizes the chances of fungal infection while it is difficult to control the water of coleus planted in soil it is difficult to manage to water plant less, more or when to water plant and one more fact is that if we plant coleus in soil without roots then there are more chances of fungus attack on coleus cuttings and then cuttings will rot because of under or overwatering when you plant coleus in water then change the water after one week so that algae or fungus won’t grow in water see this is my coleus growing in water roots should be clean like this in water roots shouldn’t dirty when you keep changing the water then roots will grow best and water remains clean in winter season when its too cold then it is difficult to save coleus plants that are planted in soil at that time you can plant coleus cuttings in water and place them where there is no much cold and there coleus cuttings should get some light and temperature should be around 20-25 degrees like room temperature, you can place it in your room on a place where the plant gets enough light that is how we can save coleus plants in winter season coleus remains fresh in water for a long period of time even you can plant coleus in water for a whole winter and save your plant in cold frost season otherwise, it is difficult to save soil planted coleus plants during the cold winter season one more fact is coleus doesn’t grow wild in water but its roots develop well in the water like my plant has a bunch of roots let me show you how well its roots are grown see this and its bigger leaves surviving well the new set of leaves are not growing on it but but its existing leaves are completely fresh and are growing well and one is this tiny set of new leaves is growing and one more fact is that if your water contains chlorine or fluoride is in excess then give bottled water to coleus and don’t use tap water in that case and in the spring season you can transfer your water coleus to soil and plants will start growing in the soil and you will have new plants this is the information I have to share with you in this video these are facts why we grow coleus in water will meet you with some more information in the next video if you like this video then give thumbs up to the video and share this video and SUBSCRIBE my channel GOODBYE!

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