💐Everyday Spoken French – “La Toussaint”

hello hello everyone, it’s camille of
french today and today as you see France getting ready for the
Toussaint so what is Toussaint?
it’s All Saint’s Day and in fact, it’s the day of the dead: we go in
the cemeteries and we’ll put some flowers on the graves
we say we’re going to flower the graves… the graves are the places in the
cemeteries where we bury the dead: the people who died … that’s it and
so the traditional flower of the Toussaint is the chrysanthemum (ooops … actually it’s LE chrysanthème) the
chrysanthemum you can see plenty of them here behind me of all colors. And
here I am at the supermarket, at Carrefour supermarket to be precise,
and you see they did a special event for All Saints’ Day and
they offer many flowers to honour the dead.
Here in France we start a little bit to celebrate Halloween but not always:
it is mostly children and teenagers, young adults who
Celebrate Halloween … it’s not a traditional French holiday … but the French like to
party and like to dress up so why not ? here it is I hope it
will have interested you! as usual leave me a little comment
tell me if you understood me and I See you soon on French Today. Oh yes I’ll put in the description a link to an article about
All Saints’ Day if you want to know more about this traditional
French holiday 🙂 see you soon: goodbye!

6 thoughts on “💐Everyday Spoken French – “La Toussaint”

  1. Merci pour cette vidéo, les fleurs sont jolies ☺️ Vous avez parlé très clairement et je vous remercie pour ça 💓

  2. I wish I knew how to say en Français that I found this interesting and helpful for a beginner in the French language… Alas, future French goals. Merci ☺️

  3. Je n'étais pas au courant de ces vacances en France. Merci d'avoir expliqué! Vous parlez si clairement pour ceux d’entre nous qui parlent anglais. Je vous comprend parfaitement!

  4. Bravo Camille. Une autre grande vidéo. Ici, dans le sud de la Louisiane, nous avons grandi en célébrant la Toussaint. Je vais mettre des fleurs sur les tombes de mes parents et de mes grands-parents. Ma femme a déjà pris soin de son côté de la famille. Jusqu'à la prochaine fois.

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