🌼How to Dry and Preserve Flowers | Dried Flowers (Rose and Carnations) 🌹

fresh flowers rose and carnation #1 dry flowers with silica gel crystals silica gel crystals (desiccant) carnation plastic sheet sealed with tape rose silica gel crystals (desiccant) sealed with tape three days later #2 natural dry flowers 7 days later Dried Flower #1 VS #2

39 thoughts on “🌼How to Dry and Preserve Flowers | Dried Flowers (Rose and Carnations) 🌹

  1. Thank you-!!! I wanted to know how to do this and what to use 🙂
    GORGEOUS-!!!! I can not wait to see what you make with these Beauties 🙂

  2. What a simple and at the same time brilliant way to keep plants in their original form and color !👌🏽👏🏼

  3. You never told us how long to keep them in the Silica gel for ???
    And can the silica gel be reused over and over for other flowers?

  4. Click bait… your video picture shows perfect flowers then arrows to perfect flowers 😕 what a waste of time, personally I think you should have left them longer in the silica.

  5. I had been doing the carnation & roses, especially the carnation the exact first color will fade in time (mine was about 5months) it turned out brown afterall,
    but thanks for the sharing ☺️

  6. А что будет с фруктами лимон, апельсин. Нужно залить из смолой что бы они сохраняли цвет и не пузырились. Цвет хотя бы на 70-80%.. может что то подскажите?

  7. Where do I buy the silica gel that you used ? Do you spray the flower after it’s dried with anything to help it last long ? I want to try this . Please any advice you can offer I’d be grateful for . Thank you for sharing and inspiring me . I enjoyed your video !

  8. Ar u sure that flowers really dried enough? I think 3 days not enough time to dry flowers like rose and carnation

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