🌸Talking MOMMA SANITY on FOOD CHOICES + Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC 2019 🌸

– Hello, it is a brand new week. Happy Monday, we are
pullin’ things together. I’ve got to throw lunch in like our little picnic
basket bag, grab some things. Kids are almost ready. I still gotta put my face on, but it’s best for me to do my makeup when I’m sittin’ in the van and have everyone buckled some more in, if you know what I mean. So we are goin’ over another
river and through anther woods, and going over to a friend’s house for a big homeschool family fun time get-together over there. Takin’ our lunch with us. When we get home we have a
few homeschool related things we have to do. Then we’ll have dinner, then we’re out to TaeKwonDo this evening. So it’s kind of our Monday plan, but let’s see how it goes. This is not my large family
meals of the week video, but it might feel like it, ’cause here I am showing you food again. We are doing scrambled eggs. Oh, happy Tuesday. Monday, played with
friends, went to TaeKwonDo, did all the things, checked those boxes. And we’re gonna do some scrambled eggs, and some buttered toast,
and some cottage cheese. Do you hear a bulldozer in the background? We got doing’ some tree work in the back, but I just remembered
I’m gonna set out a pan. I think it’s like, oh, this is the nice part
of having freezer meals. What freezer meal do I think for tonight? So I think I’m gonna get out a pan of the taco bake freezer meal. I don’t know, is this safe? Is this safe, are we tested? Keep goin’. – [Boy] A little bee. – Yah, Daddy’s got his chainsaw going. Keep goin’. Happy Wednesday, and yet again, even though this is a week in the life, I’m now showing you my food. So it’s Wednesday morning. Holy cup of coffee, doin’
a bunch of these apples, and some fried eggs. I’m gonna make plates. I’ll probably get the
cottage cheese out too. Then I hope to get in some big walks and outside play time for a bit before I start my big
freezer cookin’ day today. Here is Daniel and Benjamin’s
cute little apple plates. I found these plates at the, where was it? At the Goodwill. Yeah, at the thrift store the other week, and they’ve enjoyed using these. I think we’ve got a red one. Maybe an orange one too. So a little behind the scenes here. Travis has taken most of
the kids, not all of ’em. Jadin’s out doin’ stuff, and Travis took all the kids
except for Naomi and Benjamin for piano, Walmart,
errands, bank, post office, all of those things. And I am spending the afternoon
doing, how many am I doing? 20, twenty-ish, low carb,
instant pot, slow cooker, however you want to do ’em, freezer meals. Got my bag so I can go grocery
shopping in the garage. So I’m gonna try to do my
healthy freezer meals video and I’m hoping, fingers crossed, ’cause you know I have prep
work besides just cookin’. I’ve gotta video and take
pictures and make notes and such, when I do these cooking stuff ’cause you all have questions. I won’t be able to answer you. Anyway, I’m hoping to do
these in two hours or less because most of ’em are
throwin’ stuff in the bag. I hope this isn’t too much wind. But they’re still, still prep work. Okay, watch that video, you’ll see. Then I’m going to do the
rest of our freezer cookin’ in a separate video, which
is gonna be sandwiches, banana bread, and granola bars,
that are freezer-friendly. And protein bites and things
that just, other family food. And for some of you who have
seen my other recent videos, there was a car part in the front porch and I had like tossed
it off the front porch because I just thought it
was something that needed to go to the trash yard,
didn’t know why it was there. Anyway, this is Travis’
reordered, it was like $167 part. Oops, and see, I just
slip on some boy sandles when I have to get in the garage. Someone else had said that, ’cause my dogs always start
barking when I come out to this part of the garage. Do my dogs realize it’s me
in the garage when they bark? And they do. This is their friendly, like welcoming, like hi Mom, hi Mom, hi Mom. Hold me, Mom, hold me, Mom. That’s what these barks are saying. It’s just like hey, I see you, hold me, yes, yes, okay. But that’s not like
their guard dog barking. That’s a little different. If you have big dogs you know how they, or even little dogs, they have different barks
that mean different things. Okay, grocery shopping in the fridge time. Okay, no, wait, there’s more. This is funny. So because I’m getting
ready to do these 20, quote healthy by some people’s standards, low carb, Keto friendly,
mostly gluten-free, some dairy-free, freezer meals. We’re having two pans of
taco bake for dinner tonight because I have a wide variety
in my freezer right now and the kids love taco bake. And so it doesn’t fit into any of these. It doesn’t check all those boxes. That’s why I was telling a
commenting mom on YouTube today, I was just saying that I’m not, like okay, we’re gonna talk about food. Because we do keep talkin’ about it and showin’ it in this week in the life. And you know, I just naturally
do it in a lot of my videos, ’cause I’m a mom dealin’
with a lot of food. So we’ll pause this for
Jamerrill’s mini food rant. When it comes to food
and food preferences, and food choices, I am not standing on a soap box proclaiming much of anything other than momma sanity
and helpin’ mommas, encouraging mommas, while
I’m encouraging myself, to just doing this the
very best with what we have to work with. That means you can get yourself
a big bag of organic carrots or grow your own carrots,
or raise your own rabbits, raise your own cow,
buy pasture-raised cow, buy the best you can afford at Walmart. I am not trying to put any condemnation on any momma about anything. (laughs) So I guess I’m fired up
about this a little bit ’cause I had a discount
sharp shopper haul post today and so people will see
the discounted yogurt and the discounted granola
bars, and the discounted juice, and say like oh, Jamerrill,
that’s so processed. How can you feed your kids that? And it’s like this is not
all my kids eat, you know? They had chicken and broccoli last night. They had eggs, cottage cheese, and sliced apples this morning. But if someone wanted to pick that apart, those apples were just
regular old Walmart apples. It’s the best I can figure out. I don’t have an apple tree. It’s totally never going to happen that I check every box for everybody. But if you are a momma who just wants to figure
out how to do the best with what you have to work with, then I’ll sure help ya out over here. That being said, here
are our two taco bakes. So I put these in from the freezer into the refrigerator last night, so they’re mostly defrosted now. I’m gonna take the plastic
wrap off and tent the foil, and then I’m gonna bake
them at 400 for one hour. Now another thing, ’cause I get questions about
reheating frozen foods, reheating freezer meals. It is always recommended
that you, and let’s see, we’ll see how the temperature
is of my grip here, that you heat and reheat all your foods to an internal temperature of 165 degrees, for casseroles and freezer meals, you can find that, I think,
it’s like foodsafety.gov or what have you. So I use a thermometer and always take the internal
temperature of the food that I reheat. That’s something that you should do too. These digital thermometers
are not that much on Amazon. I think actually the Pork
Board sent me this one and we’re still usin’ it. It works great. So anyway, I will reheat it. Oven times also vary, and it also depends on like
where your rack is in your oven. So I’m going to do this
at 400 for an hour. It may need a little bit
more time after that. Actually this feels pretty cold, but I think it is fully defrosted. I’ll decide that here
once I set my camera down. But I know many of you have
asked me for more directions on actually using these freezer meals. So this is how I’m using
the taco bake tonight. I’m doing two because,
no, we will, all 10 of us, and actually nine of us
eating at home tonight, will not eat this all tonight. But then we will have
plenty left for tomorrow, at least for lunch, as well. So we have been a-rollin’ makin’ these 20 healthy freezer meals. And to complement that these
taco bakes that I showed you, that we put in the oven a
little over an hour ago, it ended up being an hour
and 15 minutes at 400. I had checked the internal temperature a little close to an hour. It still wasn’t quite there. That’s why I added those extra 15 minutes. So that’s just part of the Jamerrill Eye Ballin’
School you have to do. And I just broke up some taco shells on top of one of these bakes. And I’ll give you a look-see right now. This is the one I’m going to
serve up, and I’ll show you. I just took the temperature so of course that’s upside down. 194 degrees, internal temperature! Definitely checks the box on
the 165 degree requirement. I don’t know, does this even surprise you? It’s another day and
that easy freezer cookin’ did not get finished last evening. I thought I would get three videos filmed. And so when you mommas ask Jamerrill, how do you get all this done? Or where are your kids while
you’re freezer cookin’, or yada, yada, yada, just know it doesn’t always get done in like one neat little package. Again, the neat packages happen when I can use my own large
family freezer meal packs and just follow those steps
and roll right through it. That’s how my last one was. But now I’m workin’ with recipes that I don’t have drilled down into like the big batch cooking system. Okay, okay, so last night
we were rollin’ right along but we ended up taking a longer, chatty family-focused dinner break and then what really sealed the deal is I laid down with Benjamin at bedtime to nurse him and get him all snuggled in and then I was tired. So I thought that’s okay, I
can finish up those meals today after we finish school, so the kids, we’ve got
school done this morning. Now Liam and Amelia and Daniel are taking clothes baskets
full of toys out on the deck, so they’re having a great time. And then I had Zion saved me yet again. I had him get the things
I was workin’ with, that I batched cooked, et
cetera, in the refrigerator. Andy did the dishes for his momma. Thank you very much, almost 16 year old. And so now today I can
pick up where I left off. So you guys are gonna have
a fun stuffed animal party. And then we got doll houses over here. And some leaves. And like I said, clothes baskets. So you are just, you are
ready for fun, aren’t ya? – Yes.
– Woo-hoo! Boy, we’re doin’ it. So I know, it is Friday. Woo, look at that! We are going to get on
the Metro and go into D.C. It’s been cold and rainy, but this is our day to do
this, so we’re doin’ it. We just got our Metro passes here. Amelia, one at a time. Hold on, Daniel, you’ll go with Mommy. Amelia, now go to your brothers. Naomi, you can go. Benjamin is at home with Travis. We brought the stroller in case, it’s a sit and stand stroller, so Daniel could sit, Amelia could stand, if we get desperate. They usually do really well walking, but plus it’s holding all our lunch gear. Okay, there ya go, yes. We have another adult with us because half the kids stayed upstairs. They weren’t bold enough to
just jump on into this elevator and they let the doors close. That’s okay, we’re here, we’re doin’ it. Are you excited it’s gonna go fast? Yay, country boy in the city. So we made it into D.C., like I said, this is most of
the younger kids’ first time doing the Metro. So we got off at the Smithsonian stop. My friend is following
her GPS, which is helpful. And now we’re following those signs to the cherry blossoms and I see ’em there on the other side of that traffic. We’re gonna get to ’em. This is it, we’re here. We’re seein’ it. There’s the Washington Monument. And there’s the Jefferson Memorial. And then here’s all the cherry blossoms. And we have about two hours
with no rain, so we made it. This is beautiful. So we’re gonna have lunch here. We got our protein bites, I got custom sandwiches for everybody. Now we have another bag on our stroller that has about six pounds of apples and some bananas we’ve hauled around, so that’s lunch for today. Goin’ into the Jefferson Memorial, and we’ve heard there’s bathrooms in here. We’re in the Museum of
American History now. There’s a fire engine. We found what we’ve been looking for. We’ve got Benjamin Franklin’s
walking stick here today. So you can see the ruby
slippers from the movie that Dorothy ends up wearing, over here. They’ve go ’em on display. Okay, if we see nothing
else, we found the Batmobile. Very important! We’ve got a 1950 Superman outfit. See the boats? you like those?
– A pirate ship! – A pirate ship, I don’t
know if they’re pirate ships. (train horn toots) Thank you so much for runnin’
up to Washington D.C. with us. We did make it back late
that evening on the Metro. I think we were back
home about 9:30 or 10. It wasn’t too bad. Once we ride the Metro we then
have about an hour and half to two hour drive home, and I think taking the Metro from D.C. back to our stop at the
Vienna and Fairfax location, it was about an hour Metro ride. So we are now well into the
middle of the next week, but I just want to say goodbye. Thanks for watching my
week in the life video. I know lots of you request these, and I really enjoy doin’ ’em. They’re lots of fun for me and my family to go back and re-watch years later. So I’ll chat with you
in those comments below, and we’ll have another brand
new video very, very soon. Bye bye.

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    I get people live in a mindset of jugdement, and thinking they have a right to dictate to others about many many things in their lives (esp. women and moms, from breast feeding, food, school, you name it they judge it), but at the end of the day it comes down to you and God. So I say let the judgement roll right off your back and do what YOU want, and they can think, judge, or freak out all they want to and it won't matter one little iota. The only judge we really have to worry about is Jesus, and he claims judgement as his.

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    It's really a shame. I'm more concerned with my boys emotional well being. They have plenty of self esteem. Ok, I'm happy with that.
    I loved what you said ..we are all momma's just doing our best ❤️❤️

  64. First, don't please anybody besides yourself! Okay, and maybe your family too. Second, I just want to say thank you. You have been such an inspiration this last month and a half or so since I started watching you. I don't know how you do it! Not only having so many kids, but homeschooling them all, plus everything else that you do! I am a single mom to a 4 year old boy and started doing freezer meals once i got my big upright freezer earlier this year, I can make what is usually a single batch of something and split it up between 2 or 3 tiny pans for our freezer since it is just the 2 of us. Being a working mom it is really helpful.

  65. I'd love to see a DC with young kids video! My husband and I have never been so we have no idea when it comes to the metro and all that, especially with kids! 🙈

  66. You're fine. You're good. Love your honesty and energy!! You're doing a fabulous job!!! Blessings to you..

  67. I lived in wheaton md for 6 yrs about 3 miles from the White House, I miss it so much! I wish my kids were older at the time and remembered it, but it is just an excuse for us to go visit again lol

  68. Why do you feel as though you need to defend your actions or explain yourself to those who ask why you do this or that like you are being scalded for what you feed your kids ? You are an awesome mom and Travis is great also btw, anyhow, you do so much for your kids and we learn so much from watching you and your kids. ❤ you Jamerrill for being you.

  69. You are a very loving and caring person , don't listen too them! I watch you religiously, you make my day, 😍 your family !😄🙌🙏🙏

  70. I'm so glad you are so real about food/eating/etc! Especially with a large family! I think you probably have it together better than anyone I know so it's nice to see that even you gotta just pull whatever out of the freezer and cook it no matter what yall planned to be eating! Your videos have changed my life!! I cant believe I've been a mom for 20yrs and couldnt figure this out before. I've tried but there's always those fancy freezer meals that my family probably wouldnt eat so I'd give up before I even tried! Then I found your videos!! WOW! I've made quite a few of yours and yes my family eats them!! I guess it's a big family thing (I too have 8 kids) And when we have yogurt (You know the struggle! We have to buy a ton of yogurts for there to be any left in a few days) I could careless what's in them! Since I started making freezer meals, my kids are eating a LOT better (ramen and McDonalds were my go to some times when things were hectic!)

    You are doing a wonderful job for your family (AND MINE!!) Thank you! <3

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