【Touhou MMD】Break Through the Boundary, Sealing Club! ~Remember Cherry Blossom! (4/5) (English subs)

Merry, I hadn’t told you about that one time I passed out, right? That’s an awfully delicate experience for you, Renko Of course! Renko-chan is such a cute girl even now but this was back when I was still so small and delicate, like an angel itself! Renko, you’re making me want to strangle you. Get on with the story It was when I went to explore an abandoned hospital with a friend I guess you’ve always been doing this kind of thing There were rumors that it was cursed or haunted So of course I wanted to go check it out! But we couldn’t find anything While I was walking about, I found a cherry tree in the courtyard When I tried to get near it, I totally blacked out Next thing I know, I was waking up on a hospital bed They told me I suddenly looked sick and then collapsed Exams didn’t turn up anything wrong, so I thought it was a bit myon But you know what a delicate girl Renko-chan is I told myself, this is the fate of someone who was born so sweet… But it’s you that I met while I was passed out, right? Was that place…… That’s right, it was the Netherworld You were starting to die a bit That’s not something you can say with a smile… I was behind that but I didn’t mean any harm, you know? “Location: some mystery spot”
“Tomb of Ancestors”
“Ya~” “Urameshiya~”
“Location: some mystery spot”
“Tomb of Ancestors”
“Ya~” “Urameshiya~”
You see, ghosts often go to the outside world But I used to go especially often back then But then Enma-sama told me “I won’t allow ghosts to be treated as some kind of a spectacle!” “For lack of supervision, you are GUILTY!” She gave me such a sermon! I hate people who like to lecture So she told me to do something that will serve as a warning A warning? Yes, so that humans will be fearful That tree didn’t have the power to curse people to death So I was told to do it instead People are killed by the curse of a dead who haunts a cherry tree I guess that was the storyline How cliché Well, I guess you got lucky Unlucky, you mean! No, you were just barely lucky A touch of my finger, and you would have seen the Death Star! But you changed your mind? I didn’t expect that from you But see? It’d be no fun if someone died under the cherry tree …that makes sense But I couldn’t just do nothing so I had you pass out and I also decided to kill your memory Because you saw something you shouldn’t have So I took it out and bomf! Just like that★ Kind of gagantosu! That’s the part of you that died then and became a ghost Maybe it’s because Youmu used her Hakurouken It cut your memory’s hesitation and made it take form That’s why it looks like her? What a myon coincidence Aren’t you glad, Youmu? You have a friend now! I see, so you were a half-human half-phantom, too Now I can understand why I lost! (Oh my, she’s such a happy idiot) I get it now So Renko-chan was a sacred sacrifice on behalf of humanity But it didn’t work! I think the others were scared of ghosts, but I’m totally fine! Maybe I shouldn’t have let you live But you killed just a part of her? It’s very impressive, Yuyuko-sama (Yuyuko, it’s not just her memory that you killed, right?) (Oh, you could tell?) (There was more to her ability–more than just telling the place and time) (And that’s what you killed, isn’t it?) (An ability to know so many things by just looking at something) (I couldn’t leave something so scary alone!) (That’s why you turned it into a phantom so you could watch over it?) (That’s exactly right, Yukari!) (Then why didn’t you kill all of her?) (If Renko became a ghost and came here, she’d be annoyingly loud even if I shut her up) (So it was your whim in the end?) (I don’t know how I feel about that personality) (I don’t think it’s bad as you) (And by the way, Yukari) (Are you sure you didn’t know about that girl and me?) (There are things even I don’t know) (And why didn’t you tell me about it?) (I just totally forgot!) (You make me wanna slap you!) (But if they’re here even though I left them alone) (It might be fate after all) (Or perhaps it’s the power of our friendship?) (You know, Yuyuko…) (I like your thinking!) Um, what are they doing? It’s their sophisticated communication method I’m impressed each time I see it How impressive! Idiots Yep So? What are you scheming? What are you going to use these girls for? Why does everyone try to make me out to be evil? I’ll be angry! Listen, okay? Merry has a similar power to me But it’s still unstable. She may even put Gensokyo’s boundary in danger That’s why I’m trying to have her get used to this environment and learn to use her power You’re leaving her alive even though she could be dangerous to Gensokyo? It’s not like you Oh, please Love & Peace That’s what I stand for! Hmph! I’ll let this one slide In any case, they’re coming here again, right? That’s all I wanted to know (For now, at least) Merry’s training, huh… Huh? Maybe Renko-chan isn’t even needed? That’s not true at all Like I said earlier, her power is still unstable Having someone like you who understands her helps to keep her power in check You two will learn together the way of this world and of boundaries Ufufu~ Let me say something, too While you’re here, I’ll have that half-phantom give you support Who knows, it might help protect you from youkai That sounds kind of shady! But it’s di molto good! You’re so carefree Well, that’s all assuming you manage to come here again It’s up to you, Merry I-I’ll do my best! Oh, looks like they’re leaving They told us to come, but we didn’t really have much to do Although, we were going to come to Hakugyokurou anyway Hm? What is it, Merlin Neesan? Yeah…listening to their story reminded me of something Don’t you think…we’re forgetting something, too? Something…? Oh, yeah, I think I kind of get it I feel that way when I’m here It’s something important… Oh, there they are Oh, you were still here? I sure was! So, you! Lyrica! Wh-What is it? Since I got here, I’ve been wondering– about that star Star? You mean this? Yeah, that star is telling a time! It’s 2:30am right now…so 53 more minutes That’s the time! Huh!? And, Lunasa! That moon is indicating a place It’s around there… Merry? Can you tell something? I-It’s very faint but I feel like there might be a fluctuation in the boundary I think? Yes! That must be it! And since Merlin’s the Sun Maybe you’ll be able to see it if you stand beside them See what? I don’t know! I think you’ll see when the time comes! See you later, then! No, that didn’t explain anything! She looks like her brain might explode if you make her any more excited with your sound Neesan, that’s not something to say now! Hey, what’s going to happen at the time you said? I don’t know! I want to stay to see it, but it’s not possible I hope you can understand that Us youkai have our own rules “I feel like Yukari is doing something bad”
“I feel like Yukari is doing something bad”
(Reimu’s about to catch on. If she does, Yukarin will get scolded) “I feel like Yukari is doing something bad”
This is where we say good-bye I can actually say bye this time. Thanks! Thanks, Patche, Remi! Feel free to feel like you owe me one That’s right Yuyuko-san, I’d like to talk with you more some time! Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing you again Youmu! Let’s keep it peaceful the next time! Yes, let’s! You’re really going? You can stay here if you’d like Yukari-sama! Hey, you two, she’s here! I’m Yukarin, okay!? I’ll help you return this time, but the goal is to be able to go back on your own Y-Yes! See you, Yukkarin! See you!

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  1. Gods, Yukari is for love and peace?!!
    Err, personally I think that even Hapsier is more into "Love and Peace" policy…

  2. Everybody appears so "drunk" lol. I'm rather amused.
    Despite how carefree it appears, there's so much advanced story-telling going on in plain sight. ⓛ⩊ⓛ

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