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[ Blossom in Heart ] EP52 # Google translate version for your reference # Catch me stop Yue Xuan What are you doing Don’t be impulsive Put down the gun Your father and mother are in my hands now Put down the gun Otherwise I shot them Long Mozhen You are here too It seems This play Become more lively Shi Jizhou You lost all goodness Forcing your son Do bad things with you You know you now Did you drive him to death? what Diven is dead Anyway, in his life Live for me Shi Jizhou You are too impersonal I already know You killed my father and mother Today I Must avenge them Gu Haitang You need to have evidence to say this No evidence is framed It was your son who reported it to you. What else can you argue Long Mozhen Vice Admiral Hu’s Horse Be surrounded The whole Kunyang Your father has long been powerless Why are you To work with the Lang family Your tricks My dad had already seen it Lieutenant Hu and Lieutenant Ma Long besieged Who should surrender now It should be you This How is this possible Yuexuan Yuexuan You listen to me Lancen Snatched by Lance My beloved woman I love rouge I bear the burden of humiliation Painstakingly run Shi Hanglu Just to feed you With your mother I want to give you one Happy day Are you from the Lang family? It’s them Ruined the three of us Happiness of a lifetime Ruined your mother’s life To shut up Kill the rouge Is you You mean woman help me Carrying me constantly Secretly dating Lance Now even someone else’s wife I came here. Are you dead? Lance looks at you When collecting corpses for you Let him see Your ugly face Oh it’s you When i leave The person passing me by is you I’m just with rouge A dispute has occurred Rouge was alive when I left She’s just unconscious, right? Yes I killed rouge Because i don’t want to see rouge again Life and Lance Tangled I want to fulfill her Shi Jizhou, you are too obsessed Since Rouge married you Rouge and I have already Never again How can you hurt one Innocent life Lancen You no longer in front of me What else I hate the most This is your hypocritical face it is good Since you are now I know the truth I have nothing to say But you have to take my life I’m afraid it’s not that simple come master Let me go Otherwise I will kill him in one shot Shi Jizhou, you can’t escape Get him down Who dares to be slow Shi Jizhou You can go master You must not hurt Yueming go Yueming Yueming Yueming go go Yueming mother mother mother do not worry I will definitely save him Shi Jizhou You tied the wrong person Give me away They won’t Care about me Go in wrong You are my biggest chip Actually the Lang family What you care about most is you You thought you were Doing these things Does Lang Yue Xuan know? He doesn’t expose you Because in his mind Always consider you Is his most beloved brother But you do it again and again Take the initiative to join me To defeat him You do not hesitate to hurt Long Lichun’s Benefits Are you too stupid Originally you could Showing off in Langlichun But now all this All ruined yourself You said Are you stupid yourself Very sad Shi Jizhou Shi Jizhou go Long Yue Xuan You’re pressing like this step by step Are you trying to force me End with Lang Yueming Shi Jizhou You let my brother go I’ll do it for him Really brotherhood Lang Yueming Did you see it You brother What did you do To help you so far What are you doing to him Do you still have a face Live in this world I just shot it Send you to hell Shi Jizhou you listen to me As long as you let my brother go Our previous grudges Write off Long Yue Xuan At this point I don’t want to live anymore Shi Jizhou You come forward I’ll kill him in one shot Don’t you always want Is the formula of hibiscus cream? I give you Is what you said true Brassica paniculata Reassurance Stay light After Frost Peony 闰月 白芍 impossible Are you two Colluded again to lie to me Gu Shunqi Die in my eyes This recipe Impossible in your hands Don’t try to lie to me Shi Jizhou You finally admitted It was you who killed my father go to hell Stop talking I won’t agree Brother Gu you listen to me Stop talking I made it clear This is my heirloom I want to pass it to my daughter Wake up wake up Wake up wake up Are you a good person Good guy Come on, untie it for me Ok I come to save you My dad is a bad guy He killed my mother Take me away Your father killed your mother That really happened Ok follow me fast do not run fast How’s everything I can’t run Here, put this on remember We two run apart You survive Put this thing Give it to my daughter remember Her name is Gu Haitang Gu Haitang Gu Haitang stand up Run bring here dream To get this recipe how about it Can you do it And brought the crime to Lang’s family. Do you think it will succeed? Fortunately Let this recipe reach the Lang family It’s my father’s arrangement. Let me meet Yuexuan Just for us Find out the truth Avenge him Shao Hurry up and give me the recipe Begonia Give me less Long Yue Xuan Stand Give the recipe to Gu Haitang Get her over Shi Jizhou Did you hear me Otherwise I’ll kill him in one shot Yuexuan give it to me be careful Begonia begonia Don’t Are you OK brother Are you OK All right You are wronged Yuexuan Begonia Begonia begonia Begonia begonia Begonia begonia Begonia begonia Begonia, are you okay? Begonia begonia begonia Begonia Begonia, wake up, Begonia Begonia Things are stable now There is nothing wrong with her organs All indicators are normal but Her head was badly hit So I can’t wake up yet What do you mean Can’t wake up Affecting brain problems it’s complicated There is no way confirm Even if ok With our current medical conditions Also helpless You mean it can’t be cured I have to lie down like this Sorry There is no better way Then you doctors What is the use You are not technical What about abroad Doctor abroad Can you cure her She is so big a living Can’t lie down all the time you guys Why aren’t you guys Can you wake her up Your mood I understand very well But as far as I know So far Nowhere in the world A cured case I am also from abroad Back from training My judgment on me I can take full responsibility Responsible What qualifications do you have You are eligible Wear this white coat Mo Yi Sorry doctor We are discharged Not discharged in hospital At least Patient functions Does not degenerate Just in case Persistent diseases such as bedsores We can give her treatment in time How confident are you Can wake her up Sorry I’m not so sure I have got what do you have Aren’t you just waking up? I can cure her We are discharged Yuexuan Don’t be impulsive brother Look at me like this Like impulse I don’t recommend you do this doctor As you wish She is unconscious now But you are not her How do you know she is unconscious How do you know she is now Can’t hear us You lie here Don’t say a month Three days You uncomfortable Don’t you always say Want to give patients confidence Do you believe in a miracle How do i feel you Don’t believe in miracles I feel your confidence Not as good as me doctor This disease I cured Yuexuan brother You go through the discharge procedure Mo Yi Stay and help me clean up Let’s go now Is he stupid? Begonia Let’s go home Where is the moon Is Yueming back? Do not worry There is Yuexuan He will definitely make Yueming Bring it back safely I’m wrong I was completely wrong Because of my jealousy Indirectly killed rouge Let Yuexuan ever Lost my biological mother I blame you for so many years How could I be so easy Believe him Is my own selfishness and cowardice Has caused the tragedy of today Wrong me I also hidden Yuexuan ’s identity I worry about your relationship with rouge Would you not accept Yuexuan this life I’m sorry rouge I have to put her son Take care of adults And at that time You just take it The pain of losing the full moon That’s why I did this Pretend to be on the road Encounter Yue Xuan Let you adopt him I have been thinking recently although Yue Xuan was born of you and Rouge But me and him There is indeed a mother-child relationship No matter what happened before Our family has been here for 20 years Even if not family Also became a family This age Still lingering about the past I really did n’t understand Can you think so Really ashamed me Our husband and wife for so many years Wrong I don’t have it soon Talk about this past Hold in my heart for too long Too uncomfortable The truth is now clear Hope everything is too late Have time When Yueming and Yuexuan return I will use the second half of my life Make up for you What are you looking at Without you The starry sky in front of me Overshadowed Everything in my life Because of losing your company And tasteless I really regret it now Not cherished The days you are by my side right now I can only remember Meet you Begonia What kind of person do you like It’s not like you anyway How do I think you like it It’s like me But the sand in the air Dissipated in an instant So afraid of losing you Don’t want to ask why Missing sober predatory time No one can break into Love your secret The answer also burned to ashes Want to approach you Afraid of hurting you The thorns of heaven and hell in mood If Providence runs out Only memories I just want to think of you Maybe And dreams Like love Not stopped Hello master Hello master Hello master Hello master Hello master Hello master Hello master sister Today’s porridge Does it taste right Salty or light I will do it for you tomorrow Your favorite Braised catfish good or not Xia He It’s been a year When will Haitang wake up? Brother Yue Xuan said My sister is just resting now She will definitely wake up Certain brother brother brother okay Go to school it is good Then we go first Gone brother I turn around so that you don’t see tears Even if my pain is deeper You never take it seriously Nowadays We ordered two more And they are all ordered by foreigners Long Lichun went further and further You have to get better soon Myself Can’t be too busy You say Kunyang City So many people come and go every day Why is it so Let me meet you There are so many puddles on the road Why did I just get there Can splash you That puddle Ah There are so many in Kunyang City Rouge Gouache Workshop How come you Where’s my house Come to me I think it really is God’s best reward for me Since God rewarded you Will definitely Give us an account I believe in All arranged Everything is doomed What do you say it is good I allow you Can ignore me now But i miss Can you hear me You can see Is this begonia garden I bought it for you Everything here is for you Without you Everything here All lost its original meaning Flowers and plants here Sun Moon Star River Including my own life And destiny Begonia Don’t leave me too long Don’t let me leave you Thank you for coming Originally I just wanted to be alone Go quietly Yuexuan asked me not to disturb you But i still want to come and see you Want to talk to you Begonia lying on the bed More than a year did not expect Yue Xuan can Take care of her See this scene I am really touched I thought Yue Xuan was just an impulse I never expected him to begonia Use affection so deeply By now Is there anything else you do Can’t let it go Already put down But sometimes illusion If Begonia Did not come to Kunyang If the two do not meet Am i now Is already Yuexuan’s wife If i’m not so willful Can be as understanding as Begonia Will Yue Xuan Notice me earlier But i’m too selfish Because of my selfishness Begonia suffered so much Yue Xuan suffered so many sins Every time I see Yuexuan When staying with Begonia I hate myself But i can’t do anything If I could realize earlier Your position in Yuexuan’s heart If you let go earlier Can both of them be able to Be happier earlier Actually, I envy you Yueming Because you can leave My departure Not escape Atonement It’s my own power A century-long foundation Ruined once Also my narrow-minded Let Begonia and Yuexuan Such a loving couple Broken up by me I have no face to face everyone So I chose to leave quietly I want to learn technology abroad No matter for ten years Twenty years Even for thirty years I have to bring the technology back Bring Langlichun to the International Market I want to cheer up again When Begonia wakes up I want her to see A different me What do you plan to do next Did he serve on behalf of his father? Ancient magnolia There is me Long Mo Yan Alright Remember when you come back Take a babe as your wife All right It’s raining so much Go back early Bon Voyage Begonia Begonia sea Even stupid I believe it is possible Exhausted all strength To make up for less talent Am i too serious Too devout for love Encounters need no fate I’ll wait stubbornly anyway I want to ask if you have ever met Man like me Love a bit stupid Speak a little cold Want to hug but fear to hurt I want to ask if you have it too Same question Who is a stranger Who is a passerby Who will accompany you through this life Fortunately have dreams Fortunately it hurts who are you I’m yuexuan do we know each other Then you don’t remember me Do you remember where this is This is my garden but Why are you here Do you remember this garden Who built it for you look Here is a tree I planted it for you Here one brick one tile I also laid it for you you Let me tell you a story Do you want to listen Then you say it quickly I still have to go home Once One has no heart or lungs But very kind girl In love with a slutty Dashing boy Tell me the point I’m really anxious to go home it is good later Later the two of them fell in love They are together Researched a lot of popular Rouge gouache Perfume lipstick cosmetics No matter what the girl does The boys are very supportive of her Even sometimes Boy made a mistake Girls will Forgive him without hesitation Girl to express Love for boy She turned herself into In this world Cutest girl While boy To love this girl at all costs Turned her into Happiest woman in the world But things go wrong Just one step behind them When it ’s true Girl left the boy The boy waited hard for her Inseparable All the time Not with her Witnessed with her Over 365 days Sunrise sunset In these 365 days He did not let her blow once A drop of rain Did not let a grain of sand Fall on her Nor a flying insect Dare to stay on her But the girl still did n’t come back But the boy firmly believed Girl’s heart is here So he stayed with him Wait for her to come back anyway Because she is in his heart Like sunshine Rain dew food Air is irreplaceable Even if one day This girl No need for his care anymore I no longer need his care Sunshine rain dew food air Boy too Give up everything without hesitation Feel the same as girls Stay with the girl Go where she wants to go Are you finished not yet But if you have something You go first But you remember to come back Yuexuan Thank you for your company This year Every word you tell me Do everything to me I know everything all know Yuexuan I love you I never want to be apart from you again Never separate

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