▶ Rolex Datejust 36, Pink Floral Arabic Markers, Stainless Steel Jubilee, REVIEW 116200

Welcome to JazTime.com Today we’re gonna be reviewing the Rolex Datejuset 36mm 116200
Pink Floral on jubilee band. We’re gonna go through
pricing, talk about the dial, the case, the bezel, the
bracelet, and the buckle, and finally the movement, and let you know where you
can purchase it at JazTime.com for the lowest price anywhere online. As of 2016, the retail price
on this watch is $6,700 and you can buy it at
JazTime.com for around mid-fives, around $5,600 Now, let’s talk about the dial. It has a pink floral, which is a very unique, interesting dial. As you can see, when I turn it
sort of sideways for you guys you can see that the
pattern has flowers on it. And actually they’re not raised,
although they look raised but they’re not, and it’s a very unique dial. They make this floral in pink, gray, and I believe green and brown. It’s not a very common dial, but it is quite awesome for ladies. And it also being a 36mm makes
it quite nice for ladies, if a lady likes to have a
large, fashionable watch. As far as the hands go, you’ll notice that it
does use white gold hands, and a six nine. And none of this is luminous, meaning at night-time it
does not glow in the dark. So unfortunately you
can’t tell what time it is at night-time. But that’s what your cell phone is for. So moving on to the bezel, you’ll notice that this
is using a dome bezel, and that’s the standard bezel that makes it have an
understated look to it. Now the case is going to use
a model block middle case, screw-down case back with winding crown. It’s 36 millimeters from my
thumb to my index finger. That’s the largest that women
usually are wearing nowadays, or a fair size for a man. And then let’s talk
about the bracelet here. The bracelet is using their
classic jubilee five-piece link. It’s made of 904L steel. The buckle, or the clasp as you call it, is a concealed folding crown clasp, and it opens like this. One simple click opens it, and another simple click closes it. So there you have it. And as far as the movement, it uses a Caliber 3135 with a precision of
plus-minus two seconds a day. It has, of course, the center
hour-minute second hand with the instantaneous
date with rapid setting, stop, seconds, or precise time setting. The oscillator is a paramagnetic
blue Parachrom hairspring. And the power reserve
lasts roughly 48 hours. So if you like this watch, or you want to see watches like this, check us out at JazTime.com for the lowest price anywhere online. If you also like this video, you can click on our
YouTube and subscribe below. Thanks, and see you at JazTime.com (whoosh)

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