Тюльпан из шаров как сделать / Tulip of balloons (Subtitles)

Hello everybody 🙂 Today we are going to make this tulip flower it can be bicolor it can be put into such a jar to make it we need two balloons 260 and 160 and green 160 for the leaves and stem so, let’s begin 🙂 inflate balloon on 80 cm (or leaving about 5 fingers) make 7 fingers bubbles 6 pieces do not forget to squeeze 6 make a ring twist these two bubbles together and the remaining bubbles also twist by two make small bubble and put it over this twisting push it through make the second bubble and move it over the next twisting make the third bubble and move it over the start point (where we started from) and hide the rest inside inflate the 160 balloon (90 cm) leaving also about 5 fingers make tiny bubble and move it around the center insert balloon in the gap wrap it over these two bubbles and push it inside here wrap it over the bubble and go back again push inside wrap over the bubble and go back again push it inside also wrap over the bubble several times and hide the bubble inside deflate the rest and hide it inside also now take green 160 balloon leaving about two fingers tail and make the leaves about 23 cm 4 bubbles make a ring twist them by pairs insert this bubble between those place the rest between, like this make tiny bubble at the end and put it inside so, that’s the tulip we’ve got 🙂 Thank You for attention 🙂 and bye-bye 🙂

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