Тюльпаны за пару минут – DIY Tsvoric – Tulips of paper in a couple of minutes

Hello everybody, my name is Allen and
Today I want to show you very much simple option to make a tulip
tulips with you and I will do here Of course in the middle of course it was possible
make it hard to make it harder but I decided to do it very quickly because
I think that these tulips can be fill the empty space between
the flowers look beautiful but the same one the moment is done very quickly in one of the
the following videos we are with you mandatory we will collect here this box how to make
the box itself how to make all the flowers all i you will show me the sunflowers we are already
did so let’s get started today we will make with you tulips I will
use for running three shades paper is 588 17 a8 and 17 th 5 you are the same
can use those paper colors which you like but I just
madly liked this burgundy shade I decided to make my own tulips
from this it seems to me this color very well with my
sunflowers also I still do not know what exactly there
I will add but for now I like for one flower we need 6
these are the same petals We take a segment a of size 3 by 6
centimeters but in principle you can take the size of a rectangle
size will depend only on the overall the size of your color.
I fold the workpiece in half and cut it out the shape of the petal on top I make the round edge
but from below we have a small foot teardrop shaped shaped petal
and yellow billet it somewhere one and a half to two centimeters by 5 centimeters
I fold it into two parts and cut it out shape of a leaf I will also leave all the petals in
description for this video so go and see and now we process ourselves
petals of our tulip I bend a little in the middle
a little above and below I do not strongly curved petal then you can
will correct it a little bit but While so lightly and the middle you know on
the middle of me pushed it was my sunflowers
a couple of petals and I was so sorry for them throw what I thought and why not
make tulips from them we scrolled sand from the top and just stretch
in the middle the leaves for tulips are long you
You can take any size of the sheet if you will apply their flowers in
compositions, in principle, they are not seen will be
You can not go there, but if you will do separately a bouquet from
tulips are certainly long leaves will look much more beautiful now we begin to collect our flower on
our so-called stamen I apply glue I insert a wire and simply all
well sticky we need to top Our petal was so twisted
and uneven of course you can fret can be done with our tulips
a real beautiful place but I think it will be in one of the following videos a
until I made such an easier option now we start to paste ourselves
petals the first row we glue three I apply a small droplet of petal
glue from below and glue then glue Similarly, two more petals will be glued
they are in a circle so that we To impose our petals will be one on
other Do not apply a lot of glue to
then on top of you was not seen glue so how my first flowers I did this
error and when you look closely to middle of the flower is seen from below glue pasted our three petals
I stick everything on one level so that We had a beautiful flower and then I
glue our three more petals I paste them between the petals of the first
of the series I also stick on one level of after we have glued all our
petals we need for you feast leg I take the paper
I cut off somewhere centimeter and start twist our leg
I first apply a small amount of glue and starting everything is good is good
glued and formed from above Our leg is made more thin that for
that she was at us beautiful sepals and sheep do not use points You can also paste the sheet itself to
I will not do my tulip at the end of your work you can
bend the petals and look exactly in the place where he wants them more
stretch I do a little more open my
flower and I will insert my own I think this song is very
simple version of creating tulips will help very many to remember
empty space in a bouquet to make complex flowers
It takes a very long time, but these tulips are very simple and if their
choose the color of the bouquet which you have you will save yourself time thereby
your bouquet will be very beautiful but if you like flowers that are very fast
and it’s easy to make it look like subscribe to my channel also not
forget to click on the bell to Do not skip my new videos until bye

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