Корейский односторонний букет. Упаковка букета.

Hello everyone today we will show you how
making a one-way package which now it is called a bouquet in
Korean style we give you already showed how to make such bouquets but
in volume form today we will have reduced budget option
and we will tell you about the basic principles in the Assembly of such a bouquet we have
already picked up the flowers of this bouquet is a cluster
roses 1 heads and roses 1 chrysanthemum we have
here is such a under color roses and 3 lisiantus and
and we begin with a Bush rose it is desirable that your Bush rose was
branched because that’s at the expense of branches of this rose you will immediately
create the diameter of your bouquet stem can be
any length but in this case we tied on leg 1 heads and roses
so for us here it will be like this so this Bush roses we have two
Bush roses and note we put them in a spiral technique and
see if you put them up a little a little closer the diameter of the bouquet
will be smaller and if you put them more
in the broad version you can ask here such a large diameter of your bouquet have
us flowers not very many so we let’s make somewhere here such averaged
option I you immediately advise consolidate these roses so they don’t break
Diame you asked bouquet fix them directly in
the point of the spiral opposite each other Yes that’s right
on a plane Yes slightly slightly their can fix here is precisely in point their
I want them to hold you because don’t fasten too hard so we
he could barely or more and maneuver in the process of making a bouquet well
now you can take advantage of the greenery immediately
simply to pit 300 and greens a little at least
there is such bouquet that with hand precisely with old to ask
diameter or volume of our bouquet slightly-slightly start first greenery Kuna
intelligences and basic principles or basic
rules of drawing up so-called the Korean bouquet are as follows
if you put roses I’ll leave in the garden the amount of greenery I will not take
we’ll have to show ourselves I said you have to understand first of all if you
put the flower behind the Bush rose it should be you have slightly slightly higher
that is how would you still increase the height of your bouquet and here
all that you will put in front of your Bush roses you will have to put
below here is thus to cook him another slightly over the waist or increased height
our bouquet well now we’ll start exhibiting the center
what I’m talking about is all you’ll be put already
in front of your yellow rose and one more thing
a very important rule that people often forget the fact that the Central
you should always have a heavier one more saturated than your sidewall it is
a very important rule to draw up bouquet’s
well look at mine lined up a little bit the front of our bouquet
a little bit like a failure huh now we say that the center you should
to be more saturated there are already two of us here
roses are worth and here in paired are worth roses
for a more saturated center we selected
beautiful Ryazan to us they are very like plantar different color
gamma take this all 7
bouquets us and white-green yellow and violet were here is now you most
the main thing to get the point you need to create the effect
that’s it center’s
preferably up between the flowers anyway anyway leave this space
it’s still all the flowers you have yours spiral technique is not all the same here
again Yes here is divided here is I you I show you your bouquet you shared Yes
look at this rose you will have look a little bit here and pompom
chrysanthemums will be looking for a little bit
hand Istvan now we need to build the wall and we’ll see what we can do
I put it here to build lysianthus but since you and I have it
Korean bouquet and its center should be a little bit of a failure date I wouldn’t
set to leave lysianthus above the pompom let out nothing terrible
because you don’t care must attend this beautiful
side bouquet here is witness as you have also everything is arranged beautifully here
so you can even make more lysianthus don’t you want to
let’s see we still don’t fixed so we can pull down
still they same Yes and the second important rule
any so called Korean the bouquet is back in what it should have
you go as if on a triangle look here you are lowering it
you pull it down and you get this triangular shape
center pull down your smaller chrysanthemum get down not yet under the chrysanthemums
a little bit below husband then can be either under understand
on the contrary chrysanthemum want I at all lowered the even the
lysianthus to have me here is such a what and even a little heart turned out
that is until all this you have not yet I’ll fix my leg maybe accordingly
I asked you to turn your bouquet to the right pepper parish
I will try to make all the chases perfect between
from reported I just get kind and very gentle
because with pink time I Ah here is AA’m falling return to
the fact that here look Yes here is one of
the principles of this bouquet is that the rose
higher then you lower then you go almost regretting the fact that it was clear
and he 7 low have us is worth here is this Central
rose which allows us to do here is this triangle respectively have
you the chrysanthemum stands above the roses here
too and here it is a tall rose here you are
following but here is here here is slightly-slightly
steps Yes that is the meaning of this bouquet is not
desirable a little bit higher because
lysianthus and such a flower that his in the bouquet is desirable to put always
a little higher otherwise it will clamp clamp and have
kind of a little busy flower now I’ll fix that again
do not be afraid to fix the bouquet because what for beginners Yes it’s not that easy
hold the more you don’t have to hold very tight very tight and if you don’t
will hold firmly and tightly the stems will be respectively under weight
flower always you have is spinning Yes for to then when you learn whether
understand lived our bouquet the so-called Korean style
look please we have withstood these the stairs on the right to the left and most
importantly what you need to finish too heavy
rose that’s right because you have it like
would is the completion of the built triangle because if there will be
small Bush roses of the same effect here is such a heavy and saturated center
and you will not get a triangle. or the principle of this process is
the fact that the wings will always be easier than
the Central and lower part of your bouquet Yes about the cost of these questions on
price such bouquet is obtained from 1700 until 2000 rubles
and depending on what kind of flowers you are
will use Yes because we have there’s a rose here as I told you.
four on us sales on 90 rubles you you can take five on you will not
know that 120 rubles Yes here we use 5 pieces us one just
the chrysanthemum and the statutes and roses in this
if they have us high on 180 rubles apiece
but you can use a low mix five we will give you of course
will need not 2 3 4 roses but still the cost will be lower
and Lisianthus as an option can be replaced for Bush to say she is very beautiful
you’ll be sick to look at and by the way chrysanthemums such a purple too can be
replace with a big policy or on the usual prize to the antenna well, plus
there is still laid the cost of greens if you have
again fat bitten pistachio it will be at a lower price in terms of value you
yourself firstly, Yes again, from filling and on what kind of rose you use
what you have in the cabin available so and about paper you us ask
question are we winding up the League naturally the price adds up when
flowers and bouquet do we count them twice no and counts
for packing twice it is either the cost price is either one and a half times
or this we with invariably know that suppose
such a package we lay 300 400 roubles for packing together the greens if
this is a big bouquet then respectively this more price is already coming now we are this
bouquet pack we’ll show you how it is it will look finished like this
now we will show you how we are this bouquet pack we have repeatedly
we talked about the fact that we are not supporters multi-layer Korean packaging that we
adherents of what to sell after all need flowers
so we’ll show you now an alternative method of packaging
to keep the triangular shape of our bouquet but at the same time this packaging
will be as simple as possible we take the film we take the film and the
drill on it softer cut 3 squares
if you have a smaller bouquet maybe you can you can get by
two sheets respectively, but what the more you have the size of the bouquet
the more packing you need
we fold them as we often do here so please see and
cut a little center center we cut in order to when you are packing
crumple the you have in the center of the docking not
formed unnecessary creases perhaps if you already know how to pack very cool
then you don’t need to we sometimes we don’t do it either but it’s like
in order to just make it easier for you it is packaging of course if you
take an even softer material for example such claws that there is no
need to cut the middle and in in principle in our understanding packaging
is such a creative moment that you can
take the paper and be quiet to be other materials, or to taste like
do you prefer to pack and someone like lush who
it’s more flat so watch us that’s how we add up and then I
immediately fold again do this well something like pockets that is
just diagonally folded again and with this
the corner that I have the paper comes out I
I put on the corner of the bouquet in order to repeat the formula that is we here
these are the angle of the external stress that
that have us bouquet complex on triangle you see it turns out that we repeat
the shape of the bouquet too and the Central rose we have not yet
we close it because we need it to keep open
and we do the same on the opposite side just like me
I’m folding you see I mean here I am folded in this way and apply
here you look put two corners after all its here we repeat the shape of the bouquet
here here we repeat and behind us here is such
here the wall is formed and the third sheet we
we’ll make an effort to leave it here the rose is open but at the same time close
this is the space that formed between the flowers so we
apply it in a straight line see us a straight line is formed here between
these two corners and here is this direct lines you have must
get just on the front rose to it didn’t close
here at the rear you will have in fact seen just one stitch that is all of you
close the last sheet that’s the way we Packed our
a bouquet and now we’ll tie it up again double ribbon
we took the ribbon a little lighter pink and a bit such a beige yellowish the that
the packaging we have here is on its own bright when you pull the paper under
tape it a little you slide down don’t forget that that is yours
front rose to be naked even more and just will be very well seen in
in the end well look like this here is our bouquet is already your recipient
I have a little gap here but he nobody bothers if you have a very
far behind then you can either like this that’s for grappling inside the shuttlecock.
your either plant here on double sided tape but that’s if you have
very much behind in principle such packaging does not require any staples
the elements here are not very good holds shape if you bouquet correctly
Packed and we kept the shape of our bouquet’s

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